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Gov’t kidnapping part 1: the reality of Norway stealing 4-5 kids a day.

Tucker Carlson On Effects Of Puberty Blockers & Why There Are More Transgender Children. MUST WATCH!!!

The Anti-Greta, Naomi Seibt, Talks Climate Realism…

Julia leaves Green Party spokesperson speechless.

Coronavirus And The Global Orwellian State – David Icke Dot-Connector Videocast. MUST WATCH!!

In Israel, Corruption and Political Turmoil Mark Netanyahu’s Desperate Bid to Stay in Power. Mint Press News.

Things do not always turn out as planned.

March 2nd will be another election day in Israel but victory for Likud and Netanyahu is very far from certain but the trial will be going ahead.

Ordinary Israelis are having a tough time.

Time to come together with the Palestinians and forge a united future together under justice and equality.

In Israel, Corruption and Political Turmoil Mark Netanyahu’s Desperate Bid to Stay in Power

Debunking The Smear That Assange Recklessly Published Unredacted Documents. Caitlin Johnstone. David Icke.

More really good background information from Caitlin.

As the USG case gets more and more wobbly and pathetic.

Sadly, cornered rats turn ugly.

Freedom of the Press on Trial: 10 Reasons Why Assange is Lawfully in the Right. David Icke.

Up to the minute analysis and justification on why this trial is a farce and should have been thrown out.

There is still hope but the total corruption of the UK set up does mean that the US bully boy behaviour will flatten all possibility of justice.

Watch this space…

How to stage a fake epidemic (and brainwash billions of people). Jon Rappaport. David Icke.

All too easy.

Fear, panic and sloppy scientists along with a media which doesn’t do its job.

Sadly, if you do properly carry out your job, you are likely to end up in prison.

Like Assange.

More than 70% of children say they rarely or never watch clouds, butterflies or bees. David Icke.


Except the butterflies and bees are disappearing at an unprecedented rate.

And the clouds – more chem trails than clouds…