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Geoffrey R. Pyatt – Skirmisher of Euromaidan. YouTube


Reborn – the giant tree felled as a result of a bar – room wager. The Independent.

Also some incredible pictures of ancient trees.–the-giant-tree-felled-as-a-result-of-a-barroom-wager-10126496.html

German Jewish family recounts ordeal of living in Israel. Redress Information & Analysis.

A very sad story but more and more families are finding what is promised is not fulfilled.

Pregnant Canadian woman Hana still trapped in Israel. Redress Information & Analysis

An update would be useful.

Disabled teacher in Gaza inspires his students to never give up. Middle East Eye.

A very inspiring story of the young student teacher who has lost 3 limbs in the Gazan massacre and inspires his young pupils to never despair.

This is the Real Human Toll of the Western ‘War on Terror’. Alternet.

Tragic that the people of the US are so badly served by the media that this is not known.  People are also struggling for their own survival Р3 poorly paid jobs to pay the rent plus coping with all the other worries and stress being forced on us.

No wonder people turn to distractions like films, sports etc to try to keep themselves sane.

Please Support The Messenger Documentary – YouTube

Another Indiegogo fundraiser for a film that follows and films songbirds on their migratory journeys on 3 different continents.

Some wonderful photography and perks mainly for Canada.

Amazon WaSH Project. Indiegogo Fundraising Project.

Providing water filters that use local materials to provide filters that will provide enough clean water for 45 families.

Please support.

Trickle Up Campaign – Indiegogo

Helping women in poor areas to become the architects of their own future.

How Hillary Clinton is Responsible For Civil War in Ukraine and the Possible War With Russia. We Are Change.