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The great antisemitism witchhunt: McCarthyism redux. OffGuardian.

Very clearly and forcefully described.

What is happening in the Labour party is a witchhunt.

And the grotesqueness of the people actually supporting those who shield the apartheid policies and violence against the Palestinian people, men, women, children, babies and pregnant women as well as clearly marked journalists and medics is as abhorrent as that of the burning of medieval witches.

And the freedom of all our speech is threatened and repressed.

Please watch, The Lobby, the undercover investigation by Al Jazeera.

The link is provided.

Vital viewing to understand how much our democracy has been undermined by a foreign power.

Who Rules the World? Giants, The Global Power Elite w/ Peter Phillips.

Sunday Wire: Episode #286 – ‘G20, 5G, DMZ’ with guest Basil Valentine and more. 21st Century Wire.

Some of the best analysis of the politics of the last 7 days out there.

Plus the roving correspondent Basil aroving at the Glastonbury Festival with the rollout of 5G…

Episode #286 – ‘G20, 5G, DMZ’ with guest Basil Valentine and more

Unprecedented Lawsuit Could End Water Fluoridation in US Based on Neurotoxicity Studies. True Organic and Free.

Excellent news!

How campaigning needs to be done.

An NGO that includes everyone and supports with excellent resources and meticulous guidance and helps others campaigning to rid the world of this heinous, toxic pollutant in our drinking water.

Please support FAN – the Fluoride Action Network and get involved if you have fluoride in your drinking water.


Watch this space!

Unprecedented Lawsuit Could End Water Fluoridation in US Based on Neurotoxicity Studies

The Shocking Use of 5G at Glastonbury Festival. David Icke.

It is an opportunity for everyone there to come to grips with all the issues and go home and take up the baton to really sort this out.

It really is the survival of the human race.

Max Igan – We All Face a Common Threat. David Icke.

I was supposed to sign in to watch this as I may not be old enough to watch Max!

Well, well well…

So head over to The Crowhouse and watch there if you object to this nonsense.

Just another way to censor Max.

I wonder why?

Technician Reveals the Damage He Believes 5G Will Cause. Natural Blaze.

Extremely courageous and very very tragic.

This young man, Ian, installs 5G.

In the video he compares the huge difference between 4 and 5G and what this will mean in terms of physical damage at the cellular level.

Yet because he has 2 children he needs a job to feed them.

So what does he do?

Carry on fitting 5G at the same time realizing he is committing the equivalent of war crimes and saving enough money for his chemo in 30 years time.

If he’s lucky.

And feel free to name your tumour after him…

5G Technician Reveals The Damage He Believes 5G Will Cause

Libra: Facebook’s Audacious Bid for Global Monetary Control. Ellen Brown.

Ellen examines what is happening with Facebook’s proposal for its own global policy.

And expertly dissects the ramifications for the public.

Her conclusion is that it is a Trojan horse for centralisation and control.

Would you really trust Facebook with your money?

Libra: Facebook’s Audacious Bid for Global Monetary Control

From Tel Aviv to Tallahassee. Mint Press News.

An excellently researched and presented article covering the shameful history of African Americans in Florida and the Palestinians for the late 70 years in Israel.

Meticulous detail illustrating the utter hypocrisy of the current governor of Florida flying in to support and cheerlead a government weak on peace and democracy but strong on violence.

All the while not looking in his own back yard but outlawing the peaceful nonviolent boycott of BDS.

Until that is ruled unconstitutional…

Highly recommended.

From Tel Aviv to Tallahassee

Much safer to be a protester in Hong Kong than France. Press TV.

This reporter has been covering the protests in France.

But Macron has just arrogantly ignored them and belittled the protesters.

Now look at the evidence- the huge numbers of lethal weaponry fired on the French people by their own government and the shocking and appalling injuries as a result of the police brutality and the response in Hong Kong.