From Peaceful Protest to Police Brutality. David Icke.

The really shocking footage when a peaceful protest turned into a nightmare.

A few questions for your MP.

What was the objective of this brutal foray into a very peaceful crowd?

Who ordered it and why?

When will the person in charge be investigated by parliament and hopefully dismissed?

How much did this pointless and brutal outing cost the taxpayer?

Who gave the go ahead for this money to be spent?

There seems to be evidence the police had been psyched up. Please fully investigate so this is never repeated again.

A full investigation needs to be undertaken by parliament and oversight needed so those guilty of these infringements of civil liberties are roundly punished.

This is inexcusable.

The police were shamed by the peaceful protestors and left with their tales between their legs.

I hope they now realize they only police with the consent of the public and we do not consent to fascism.

Cressida Dicks needs to resign.


Sadiq Khan as well.

What an utter disgrace.

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