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Preparedness: How to Regrow Vegetables in Water. Natural Blaze.

So many of us do this all the time in preparing our veggies – but then omit to place in a shallow bowl of water on the windowsill.


Don’t forget to sprout your seeds as well alongside.

Make sure they’re organic.

Preparedness: How To Regrow Vegetables In Water

Coronavirus Professor Yoram Lass Facts and Insanity of Amplified Figures and Lockdown Interview.

Corona: creating the illusion of a pandemic through diagnostic tests. Jon Rappaport. David Icke.

Excellent article by Jon debunking that there is a reliable test.

There isn’t.

Don’t be fooled.

Keep asking questions and demanding answers.


Perspectives on the Pandemic | Dr John Ioannidis of Stanford University.

The Totally Spontaneous Health Worker Balcony Applause Phenomenon. #PropagandaWatch. James Corbett.

Italy’s Coronavirus; Coyotes in the Midst. Natural Blaze.

An excellent thoughtful article.

Every country with high death rates has a number of things in common namely an elderly population, high pollution rates and rolling out of 5G.

So sort all those before rolling out more of the same.

Incidentally, here in the UK there are huge numbers of trees being cut down – why?

And a lockdown – term for prisons – means no fresh air or Vitamin D3 and high stress and tension living on top of one another and in some states and countries you cannot even go out.

24 hour mass imprisonment – heads need to roll when all this is over.

And we need to make sure it never, ever happens again.

Italy’s Coronavirus; Coyotes In the Midst

Sunday Screening: GREED – Money, Happiness and Eternal Life. (2016) 21st Century Wire.

SUNDAY SCREENING: GREED – Money, Happiness and Eternal Life (2016)

I’m allowed one form of exercise a day. State sanctioned.

Scamdemic – How a Lock Step, Authoritarian, Top Down Control System is Being Imposed on the World.

New source for banned Youtube video: German journalist goes to Berlin hospital supposedly full of Coronavirus patients and finds no one there. MUST WATCH!!

It’s kinda magic how the figures are spun.

Do the media lie – does the sun rise every day??

The backlash is turning into a tsunami and the whole scenario is unraveling but sadly not before a huge amount of damage has been done.

Heads must roll…