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Village in India plants 111 fruit trees for every baby girl born. Daily Mail Online.

Not only do they plant the trees but also very many aloe vera plants that can be used for creams and liquids plus a dowry of money from the village and the parents.

This is invested to mature for the young woman after she has been educated and turned 18.


Arash Derambarsh, The French politician who forced supermarkets to distribute left-over food to the homeless. Richie Allen Show.

This young man is a councillor in Paris who describes himself as a simple politician who wishes to better the lives of the citizens whom he serves.

He is amazingly positive and believes this can be done in every country to eliminate hunger.


There is a 38degree petition to bring in such a law in England.

Highly recommended!

Ron Finley: A guerrilla gardener in South Central LA. YouTube.

A young man who is changing the whole scene in his part of LA.

He does not mince his words!

“Food is the problem and food is the solution”.

“Growing your own food is like printing your own money!”


Government’s Gone Insane Charging $400 To Feed The Homeless. We are Change.

Outrageous.  Needs to be sorted as this is not the answer to charge charities huge fines for feeding the homeless.

If you live in or near LA go to the city meetings and challenge these decisions.

Economically it makes no sense as the root of the problem, preventing people becoming homeless isn’t addressed.

Other states in Canada and in Utah have found it makes much more sense to house the homeless and then tackle the underlying problems.

Saves money too!

Manchester Mayor elected – despite not being voted in by the public. The Independent.

A stitch-up.–despite-not-being-voted-in-by-the-public-10285935.html

BBC iPlayer – Panorama – Britain’s Secret Terror Deals.

A very good, brave investigation into the killings during the troubles in Northern Ireland.

Many of the families have been waiting nearly 4 decades for another inquest and for the truth about the involvement of paid informants in these killings.

Slowly the truth is coming out.

Methodist Church in child sexual abuse scandal spanning decades. RT

Another huge report showing how the victims were not listened to for over 30 years.


Elderly face NHS discrimination under new UN death targets. Telegraph.

Here we go.  First the Liverpool ‘care’ pathway.

Then that was rumbled but it’s still used whenever possible if there’s no family to make a fuss and ask questions.

Now the UN Agenda 21 eugenics programme not even thinly disguised.

Hang on – the over 70’s have paid in a huge amount over the years and brought up the children and nurtured their communities and still pay taxes, vat etc etc  but they no longer ‘contribute’??

Come on health professionals just tell the UN where to get off and fast.

Orthodox Jewish sect bans women from driving. RT

This is in the UK.

Just in case you were confused and thought it was Saudi Arabia.

I hope the women ignore it!!

First victims of Tory welfare cap: Family of 9 evicted from their home by bailiffs. Mirror Online.

Here we go.

We need to stand together and protect families being split up.

Back to the workhouse.

Unless you are a millionaire…