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Mysterious Boys in Blue. YouTube.

Eastern Ghouta: Syrian Voices Raised in Condemnation of White Helmets. Vanessa Beeley. 21st Century Wire.

These people have suffered immeasurably and their stories cannot just be written off.

Especially important is that of the young ambulance driver who had to give up working with the White Helmets because he wanted to help the ordinary people.

And there you have it.

An expensive, cruel charade to frame the Syrian Arab Army.

And you and I are paying for it.

Interview with Bashar al-Assad: ‘We were close to direct conflict between Russian and US forces in Syria. 21st Century Wire.

Excellent interview.

Housing Prisoners in California Now More Expensive then Sending Them to Harvard. Waking Times.

Worth studying these excellent graphics and charts and asking some very pertinent questions of your elected representative.

Just think what $11.4 billion could do for the affordable housing stock and support services…


Neuroscience Shows Why Breath Practices During Meditation Help With ADHD. Waking Times.

This study from Trinity College , Dublin shows how the release of noradrenaline helps to protect the brain and grow new connections.

An alternative treatment for the growing numbers of children diagnosed with ADHD rather than drugs is desperately needed and this looks highly promising.

How Israeli banks finance theft of Palestinian land. David Icke.

Watch the excellent Human Rights Watch presentation.

It does need to stop but the US is giving complete support to Israel plus many financiers in the US are also supporting the illegal settlements.

Inadmissible Crimes Against Humanity – The Division at the Heart of the Israel/Palestine Conflict. Julian Rose. David Icke.

Hold this thought of peace between Israel and Palestine. If enough people do it then  things will change.

SYRIA: Music Therapy Heals War Wounds. Natural Blaze.

How much better if there hadn’t been a ‘war’ in the first place….

Guide to paying a small fine and making billions

To Trump: how to win the war in Afghanistan

Totally inspired!
Sorry, Jon, lucky for the Afghans the generals and the weapons companies will not allow this.
They need their fat, bloated cut even if big pharma would win on this one.