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Dr Carrie Madej: The Future of Humanity is at Stake. EXCELLENT!!!!

Brace For Impact: “About to get much worse.” Ice Age Farmer MUST WATCH!!!

Very good analysis of the engineered food crisis. Be prepared and help those around you to survive as well by becoming a producer and not a consumer.

Interview: Covid Vaccine Adverse Effects and Mortality. Boiler Room.

Hesher interviews a brother and sister who have recently lost their father to a gigantic stroke after taking the J&J vaccine.

Very sympathetically treated.

Kudos to them both for courageously speaking out.

Butterfly of the Week, 3 May ’21: Carrots, Sticks and Syringes.

Right Now – Gareth Icke Talks to UK Nurse Jenna Platt and Canadian Journalist Josh Sigurdson.

Brilliant new show for Gareth who talks to people really making a difference in the battle against total fascism.

Please share widely.

Bombshell Confessions of a Former satanist Pop Star.

Not easy to watch but the information needs exposing.

Kudos to this young man – his life will be in danger.

Time the rot was halted.

WORRYING! Boris Gives Biased BBC £8m to Stop “Misinformation” (Government propaganda arm…)

Stop saying ‘you did the research’ before you got the covid-19 vaccine – You ARE the Research. Vaccine Injury News.

Hard-hitting article showing how the US government has conducted other ‘innoculation’ research before in the 1940’s with horrendous results.

So why would 2021 be any different, especially when there have been no safety trials and the government has given the vaccine companies full indemnity?

So would you buy a car under those conditions?

Yet allow the poisons into your body to change it for ever?

No way.

MUST WATCH!!! Hypnotised Humanity in the ‘covid’ Era – David Icke Dot-Connector Videocast – Please share!

One of the most powerful of David’s videocasts.

Literally connecting the dots of the very few controlling and directing the narrative.

Watch to the end – mind-blowing connections!!!

Highly recommended.

Bully boy police get a taste of their own medicine.