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USA: Tear Gas, Guns, and Riot Squads: The Police State’s Answer to Free Speech. TruePublica.

An excellent article by John Whitehead.

The solution is for local people to insist that there are alternatives, as Whitehead points out and that militarization exacerbates the problems at all levels.

Solve the policing and then education and free up money for investment in local jobs and real employment opportunities.

Very encouraging.

Richie Allen Show on Dean Henderson – ‘Zionist Bankers Created Nazism, White Supremacy & Eugenics’. YouTube.

UK Shocked to Find it Has Duplicated US Factory Farms. Natural Blaze.

People like chicken and do not care how it is produced as long as it is cheap and tasty.

Organic is very expensive and free range also more expensive.

Very sad.

Yes, Bill Clinton ASKED Russia to interfere in a US presidential election

Jon Rappoport's Blog

Yes, Bill Clinton ASKED Russia to interfere in a US presidential election

by Jon Rappoport

July 18, 2017

Press outlets are now reminding us that President Bill Clinton interfered in the 1996 Russia election that brought Boris Yeltsin to power for a second term.

This is by way of saying, “Well, if Putin helped Trump win the 2017 election, so what? The US did the same thing in Russia.”

That’s an interesting but not terribly strong argument. However, there is another piece to the 1996 Clinton op, and it is explosive and quite relevant.

Let’s start here, with the 1996 leak of a document detailing a meeting between Bill Clinton and Boris Yeltsin. Sean Guillory, writing at, states:

“According to a White House memo leaked to the Washington Times in March 1996, Clinton and Yeltsin had agreed to support each other in their respective reelection bids.”

We are talking…

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Brain-computer hookup equals mainstream news

All that money really could have created a paradise for all on this planet….

Jon Rappoport's Blog

Brain-computer hookup equals mainstream news

The fatal flaw in the human-computer interface

by Jon Rappoport

July 17, 2017

There is a great deal of “utopian research” going on in the area of artificial intelligence (AI) merging with the brain.

Exuberant cheerleaders like Ray Kurzweil are quite confident we are approaching a moment when a computer will exhibit all the power of the human brain.

The definition of “power” in this context is fuzzy. But Kurzweil and others are sure we’re about to uncover the “algorithm” that underlies all brain activity.

They couldn’t be more wrong. Neuroscience has barely scratched the surface of understanding how the brain operates. Cracking the code is not on the horizon.

Most importantly: how would a brain-computer interface work? Hook up your brain to a super-computer, and how does your brain absorb the computer’s data, and how does it make the data known to YOU, the…

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Quite incredible.

How the US news media fails us. Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. YouTube.

Making the connections the news media in America should be investigating and why they’re not.