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California Infant Dies after 8 Vaccines, Family Gets Him Back from Hospital Cremated.

A mother’s heartrending story of how the vaccine schedule went wrong and her 5 1/2 month old baby boy died.  The heartless handling of the whole affair and her distress at not having done the research is very moving.

Youth Transit Alliance Fundraiser. Indiegogo

A very worthy project getting young children safely home from after-school clubs in Detroit.

Please support.


To be young and poor is a criminal act.

Very well said, EmsyBlog!
“This government has taken every ounce of support from young people with one hand, and used the other hand to point the finger at them and say “This is YOUR fault”. They have said “you’re not worth paying for work, you’re not worth helping because we have given up on you”. They have criminalised being young and poor”.


If there’s one group of people that have been repeatedly on the wrong end of the cuts, it’s young people. No more EMA, no more youth service. No more Connexions, no more jobs, no housing benefit and now, you’ll be put on workfare if you can’t find a job that doesn’t exist.

The idea is that 18-21 year olds will have 6 months to find a job. If they don’t manage to do that, they’ll be put on “Youth Allowance” (which, conveniently is the same amount as JSA – £57.35 a week) and be told they have to undertake 30 hours a week of community service. And 10 hours of job searching. £57.35 a week for 30 hours work comes out at just over £1.90 per hour.

According to the first thing that popped up when I typed “unemployment statistics young people” into Google, 740,000 16-24 year olds were unemployed…

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Banksie sneaked into Palestine and made this video.

Shame, shame shame on the world that stands by and allows children to grow up under 3 wars in the last 6 years and this to continue.


Oregon Senator Mandating Vaccines gets a dose of her own Hypocrisy – YouTube

US, UK, Kiev, in violation of Minsk agreement. Ron Paul Institute.

Well, there we go.  The rest of the world has to obey the rules, especially Russia but these 3 can do as they like!

booking com offers hotel rooms in Israel’s illegal settlements.

Abetting war crimes.  The sheer arrogance!

Truth in Media – The Origin of ISIS. Ben Swann

Very well- explained.  It is the American taxpayer who is being held hostage.

Navy Proves Flu Shot Causes Flu.

Sorry about the adverts but the research is very interesting!

Man on the Moon. New Lyrics REM