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CIA Fingerprints: Breaking the Law at Home and Abroad. 21st Century Wire.

Questioning Germ Theory: ‘Do Viruses Cause Disease?’ 21st Century Wire.

Reptilian ‘Gods’ and Current Events – David Icke Dot-Connector Videocast. MUST WATCH!!!!

David has been researching this aspect of reality for 3 decades.

He explains how the interbreeding aliens were those described in ancient religions and how through the centuries the interbreeding became the royalty and now in modern times the elite class of bankers and politicians etc as people rejected royalty.

Shapeshifting is perfectly possible once the nature of reality is understood and that nothing is solid.

Humans experience a tiny slice of the electro-magnetic spectrum and hybrids can switch to the alien reptilian frequency when they wish and humans would see the shapeshifting in front of their eyes as many witnesses have testified.

Highly relevant for understanding that the present agenda is anti-human and why.

Dr. Vernon Coleman. G.P’s: Betrayal, Genocide and the Truth.

Dr. Coleman points out the writing on the wall for GP’s – go back to face-to-face consultations with patients or the computer will take over completely and they will be out of a job.

In fact, this has very much been on the books since the junior doctors action under Jeremy Hunt when this is precisely what was predicted.

Retraining anyone??

Tucker Carlson Tonight 10/22/21

TV Licence Cancellations – We Are Winning!!

An absolute must-watch to see what devastation the fake vaccine is causing and how the system is covering the damage and fall-out. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Kudos Deborah!! Huge courage.

Fluoride Exposure May Contribute to Degenerative Eye Diseases. Natural Blaze.

New Documentary on WHO Exposes Widespread Corruption, Massive Funding by Bill Gates. Natural Blaze.

Energy Crisis Becomes a Food Crisis – Grow Food and Build Local Food Systems Now! Ice Age Farmer.