Cannabis for medicinal use should be allowed, says Government drugs council. David Icke.

Slowly moving forward…


The secret behind fake bipolar disease in children. Jon Rappoport. David Icke.

Stunning revelations.

Just how many lives have been destroyed?

The Tide It Is A Changin’. World Beyond War.

Can you do something in your community to help turn the tide even more quickly?

White poppies can be ordered from Peace Pledge Union in the UK.

Would your local community cafe and wholefood store sell those as an alternative to the blood red ones?

We CAN BE the change!

Sunday Wire with host Patrick Henningsen. 21st Century Wire.

Excellent segment from Robert Inlakesh on Palestine/Israel.

Wise words from Mike Robinson.

A week in politics is a long time – ask Mrs May…

Exposure to All Sources of WIFI Radiation disrupts the Blood – Brain Barrier and Can Cause Leaking and Kill Brain Cells. David Icke.

Hebron Freedom Fund Newsletter: July 1-15.

Documents Reveal Two US Soldiers Overheard Plot to Kill JFK and Were Committed After Reporting It. The Free Thought Project.

These were soldiers serving at different locations and had no contact.

Strange these reports are only surfacing now…