This Is #TheGreatReset. You Have Been Warned. The Corbett Report.

Professor Karl Friston: ‘80% Not Even Susceptible to Covid-19.’ 21st Century Wire.

A fascinating interview from Lockdown tv.  This is much more imaginative modeling from a professor who is very humble and acknowledges the limitations of his models.

It makes a great deal of sense and demonstrates that the interventions of government make little difference.

Sweden and the UK have similar outcomes yet we have lost our economy and are being subjected to even more rigid social rules demonstrating it is not about protecting people but power.

Naked power and control.

Prof. Karl Friston: ‘80% Not Even Susceptible to COVID-19’

Project Veritas Infiltrates Antifa: “Practice things like an eye gouge…injure someone’s eyes.”

Thugs and Looters for the One Percent. The David Icke Dot-Connector Videocast. Please Share.

David analyses succinctly the ludicrous situation in America of the looting and destruction of black property just having struggled through the lockdown only to be destroyed by Black Lives Matter operatives.

Which is a company with a CEO funded by a list of companies which should raise questions.

Please share.

Thugs And Looters For The One Percent – David Icke Dot-Connector Videocast (PLEASE SHARE TO BYPASS CENSORSHIP)

Black Lady Complains about Black Lives Matter. EXCELLENT!!! It’s not about race.

UK Column News – 5th June 2020

US Professor: ‘There’s No Scientific Proof Social Distancing Prevents Spread of Covid-19.’ 21st Century Wire.

As more and more evidence surfaces on how badly the lockdown policies have served the people another important voice speaks out.

A useful short video to forward to your elected representative asking for a wide ranging dependent public enquiry with teeth to hold people accountable.

There should be quite a number heading for prison.

US Professor: ‘There’s no scientific proof social distancing prevents spread of COVID-19’