3 Breathing Exercise to Calm the Brain, Reduce Stress & Cure Anxiety. GreenMedInfo

Excellent advice for our busy lives to ensure we have enough oxygen and cerebrospinal fluid going to our brains and helping with stress and sleep problems.

Highly recommended.



A Pagan Easter. Julian Rose. David Icke.

A beautiful piece showing how first the church hijacked pagan festivals and then priests and hierarchy came between the people and nature and how that is now being replaced by the global, corporatist agenda again separating people from their roots.


Police State Ecuador Under Lenin Moreno. David Icke.

One of the unexpected consequences of treating Julian Assange in such a criminal and inhumane way is that the world will look at what came before and how and why this change has come about.

Some basic research will unearth the corruption and the 180 degree change in policies.

And how that is affecting the ordinary people.


Alan Watts – What Happens When You Only Pursue Joy & Pleasure.

Millions for Notre Dame – but nothing for us, say gilets jaune. David Icke.

These protests have been going on for 5 months.

Sadly they have been infiltrate by agents provocateurs and other violent extremist groups.

Macron should go.


Why Julian Assange’s War is our War Too. 21st Century Wire.

More and more evidence of how the Moreno government has breached its own constitution and other articles.

I hope his lawyers get their teeth into this.

I’m sure they will.

Why Julian Assange’s War is Our War Too

US Defeat in Syria Leaves Only a Campaign of Spite. 21st Century Wire.

Unfortunately the amount of spite the US can conjure up is huge.

Unless Americans begin to see how their country is acting and demand a change in direction.

The replaying of the Iraq war videos Assange and Wikileaks released may do just that.

US Defeat in Syria Leaves Only a Campaign of Spite