U.S Aid to Israel – The Real Deal. YouTube.

The amount of money given to Israel will shock many Americans when it is so badly needed at home.

Houses or bombs????

Ghis Talks About Society. YouTube.

What Every County Can Learn From Ecuador. Think Progress.

This is a huge tree planting effort.


How Hugs Heal – Have You Had a Hug Today? Dr. Mercola.


Hunger Strike Ends, Prisoners Declare Victory. Common Dreams.

A huge, huge moral victory.

And if the Israelis don’t honour the deal then start again…..


We Must be Brave Enough to Admit War on Terror Simply Not Working. Jeremy Corbyn. Common Dreams.


Is School Driving Kids Literally Crazy? Natural Blaze.


Compare statistics with a home-schooled cohort.

If you can find enough children who are home-schooled…..