Richie Allen Show on Jim Petruzzi: “Standing Rock Sioux are fighting tyranny in North Dakota. Please support them”. YouTube.

Edward Bernays, the Father of American Propaganda. Natural Blaze.

Very important information.

‘We’ve been lied to about Russia for decades’. Former London Mayor Ken Livingstone. RT. YouTube.

Australian Teens Recreate Key Ingredient in ‘Pharma Bro’ Drug for just $20. Alternet.


The CIA and the Media: 50 Facts the World Needs to Know. Global Research.

Peace through Justice

This is excellent news!! Congratulations to all involved. I hope you are forging links with the Standing Rock protest water protectors. Thank you for showing the way forward – when we drop our differences and stand as One! Hopefully the same success with London this coming year.

Auckland Peace Action

uss-go-home-stay-homeIt has been an amazing ‘Week of Peace’ action here in Auckland. The things that we have achieved collectively during this campaign – culminating this week – will go a long way towards building a stronger and more focused peace movement.

Building bridges
One of our main goals at Auckland Peace Action is to “Build solidarity across movements by recognising the interconnected and disastrous consequences of war, colonialism and capitalism for the majority of people in NZ and the world.”

The presence of a huge number of allies at our blockade of the arms expo on Wednesday demonstrates the possibilities of combining our power to tackle the root causes of modern warfare: the use of extreme violence by those who hold power to protect and enhance their power and to steal the resources of the powerless.

Friends and comrades from the Pacific Panthers, No Pride in Prisons, Auckland Action Against…

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Top Doctors Reveal Vaccines Turn our Immune System Against Us. Natural Blaze.

Time we had information and informed choice.

Mandatory vaccines are not acceptable, especially when the vaccine companies have a free pass from any injuries arising from them.

Time this was sorted….