Update: Change.org Lancashire Care NHS Provide Mental Health Care for my daughter so I don’t need to Travel 220 miles to see my Daughter.

Still fighting.

This is such a heartfelt letter.

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Time this was changed!



Russia Reports Belgium Killing Civilians in Aleppo Airstrikes, Russian Ambassador Summoned. 21st Century Wire.

Russia Reports Belgium Killing Civilians in Aleppo Airstrikes, Russian Ambassador Summoned

How Israel Seeks to Erase the Regions History. Jonathan Cook.

Highly recommended article by this independent journalist who lives in Nazareth and sees the tragedy that is unfolding around him – and how Netanyahu is trying to manipulate the narrative into a definitive Jewish one that didn’t exist.

How Israel seeks to erase the region’s history

Assad’s Wife Asma Gives Rare Interview:” Western Media Focus on Tragedies that suit their Agenda”. RT. YouTube.

No EU Money for Arms. Campaign Against the Arms Trade.

Please get involved and help to put a stop to the proliferation of arms and armies.

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Let’s Cut Europe’s and Britain’s Food Waste in Half. Change.org

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