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COVID -19: How Can I Cure Thee? Let Me Count The Ways. Dr. Thomas Levy.


Modern medicine only talks about managing.

Why are these simple and cheap interventions not being utilised?

Follow the money…

Nigel Farage investigates: Who is really staying at this 4 star hotel?

Here’s a bakery to give a miss – Birds Bakery manager of 40 years sacked for taking cash payments and using her card to pay instead to help a 94 -year old who doesn’t have a card.

So elderly people would have to go hungry?

Despicable and disgraceful.

If you live in the Nottingham area please make your feelings known – and don’t give them your patronage!

WARNING: This Will Happen If You Take Vaccines – Please watch and share before this comes down!!

Frontline ER Doctor From Viral HCQ Video Fired From Job. (Updated) Natural Blaze.


Fired for discussing her medical opinions on camera.

As the elite tremble before the army of doctors speaking out.


Frontline ER Doctor From Viral HCQ Video Fired From Job (Updated)

Sweden’s Actual Covid Results Compared to What Modelers Predicted in April. Natural Blaze.

A good article.

Sweden had 90,00 less deaths than predicted by the infamous Imperial College modelers.

A total of 5,700 deaths but probably accurate figures and most importantly – no lockdown.

No excess deaths, huge job losses, suicides, soaring mental health problems and real fear and paranoia among the populations – and no masks either!

Win, win, win and now we’re  having minilockdowns which will go on for ever – until we get a vaccine.

Except the public are waking up!!

Sweden’s Actual COVID-19 Results Compared to What Modelers Predicted in April

#ExposeBillGates Day of Action 2 on August 8th. Corbett Report.

Cut and Paste Exemption for Mask Wearing. Please circulate!!

What You Need to Know about Transhumanism.

Sunday Wire: Episode #334 – ‘War on Normality’ with special guests. 21st Century Wire.

Patrick quotes from Peter Hitchens, the mainstream journalist who has consistently outlined courageously the utter stupidity of the government in their lockup policy and now the complete destruction of the high street to add insult to injury.

As the out-of-touch, elite chattering privileged silver spoon graduates mistake the Niagra Falls for the gentle idyllic River Cam.

While we await the tumbling, crashing disappearance of all we held dear.

Episode #334 – ‘War on Normality’ with special guests