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A Report on Energy Balancing and Attraction Relative to Electromagnetic Frequencies. David Icke.

This is actually a very practical guide to shielding yourself from EMF damage with simple lifestyle changes over 4 weeks.

Extremely important as the EMF’s frequencies are sky rocketing.

Also mentioned is EFT or Tapping as an aid and the Tapping Solution World Summit is now playing.

Highly recommended.

Jimmy Dore: In Defense of Tulsi and Condemnation of Meghan McCain. 21st Century Wire.

Brilliant analysis.

Not just of the comments but the whole set-up of the 1% on a tv show talking about issues they know nothing about and tearing into Tulsi who is a veteran and vividly describes the reality of war.

Time – The Illusory Phenomenon. Waking Times.

Useful insights.

5G and GMO – Partners in Genocide. Julian Rose. David Icke.

Julian draws together all the threads from the beginning of the pesticide and GMO race to dominate agriculture plus the military beginnings of 5G to dominate the whole Earth to the detriment of all the inhabitants, animal, vegetable insects and human.

There will be nowhere to hide.

However, we can halt this.

Please sign the petition and share far and wide.

Thank you.

“Mars was Inhabited – Beyond the Shadow of a Doubt”.

SUNDAY WIRE: Episode #269 – ‘Say Hello to My Little Friend’ with guest Basil Valentine and more. 21st Century Wire.

Excellent analysis on Venezuela and more.

The Begum Question – White Helmets, Libya and the Manchester Bombing. True Publica.

Pared down to the crux of the matter.

Begum is British and we have to deal with it and not cynically make political hay.

But according to the law as it stands.

Global 5G WIFI Will BLANKET The Earth in A MOSAIC Of ‘CELLS’ – What You NEED To Know! With Max Igan!

Israeli news anchor defends anti-occupation comments despite death threats. David Icke.

This brave lady deserves huge support for her compassionate and empathic stance against the hurling of abuse and death threats.

She is absolutely right – we send our children to the army and to defend the occupation and we get back animals.

How can parents not notice?

How can a society justify doing this to its’ children and putting those who refuse to carry out this brutality into prison?

Huge Kudos, Oshrat.

Watch 12-Year-Old Girl Own Cop For Threatening to Arrest Her For Her Journalism. David Icke.

Wow – the world is going to be left in good hands with cool people like this!

Don’t miss the video.