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Myth, Reptilians and Underground Bases. Waking Times.

A good article comparing the old myths from many different cultures to the modern theories and whistle blower evidence.

Useful reference.


Myth, Reptilians & Underground Bases

Recently Vaccinated Kids are Spreading Whooping Cough Everywhere. Vaccine Impact.

If a seat belt worked for only half of the time it would be withdrawn.

Yet this is the situation with vaccines.

That does not even begin to look at those who are severely damaged by vaccines or even die.

Making vaccines mandatory is against every human right yet that is what is being increasingly pushed on populations.

Qui bono?

Making a Killing from ‘austerity’: the EU’s Great Privatization Fire Sale. The Ecologist.

Another really good article from The Ecologist.

All those people who are vehemently against austerity find reasons to support staying in the EU.

Without realising that the EU are the greatest pushers of austerity on this planet.

As the article so rightly says, the EU are using austerity as a tool to sell off the assets of countries to service the debt to the private banks who caused the crisis in the first place.

Go figure.

No Bliss in this Ignorance: The Great Fukishima Nuclear Cover-up. The Ecologist.

The continuing saga of lies and cover-up.

Tragic that the people who were evacuated may well be allowed to move back even though no water or food will be safe to consume.

No-one has been held responsible for these crimes against humanity and the environment for generations.

The Rape of East Timor: “Sounds like Fun.” John Pilger.

John is one of the most important journalists on this planet.

I remember his aw and graphic reporting on the two nations in Britain when I was a young and starry-eyed teacher in the sixties.

He has continually reported on the cover-ups throughout the world and the shifty world of politics.

Here, East Timor and Australia covered up the horror that went on in dividing up the country and its’ resources.

Highly recommended.

Interactive Effects of Fumigants. UCLA

This is an important study.

It is how all these pesticides react long-term in the body that is very worrying.

The effects are going to be further complicated by the other contaminants in food and water.


Eat and support organic!

The Great GMO Food Fight: What’s Next? Organic Consumers.

A really clear exposition of the current state of play in the US.

It is important because victory in the US for the GMO lobby will open the flood gates of the rest of the world.

Rutherford Institute. John Whitehead. The Age of Authoritarianism: Government of the Politicians by the Military for the Corporations.


The pertinent question John poses is, ‘Are you part of the problem or part of the solution?

Falling Like Dominoes: Now Holland wants its OWN Referendum on Quitting the EU. Investment Watch Blog.

Disillusion with Brussels?

Good gracious.

I hope they have less of the spin than we are getting.

Watch this space.

Tom Petty. Free Fallin’ Building 7. YouTube



This is key to so much that is happening in the world and what has happened since 9/11.

How very strange all the evidence was cleared away a week later.

All the way to China.

Do research the firm that was responsible.

Buildings that implode into their own footprint?

oh, that would be controlled demolition.

So who knew?

Who planned it?

I do recommend Judy Wood’s excellent work, “What destroyed the 3 towers?’