Why We Need Democratic Socialism to fix our Educational System. Common Dreams.

This applies to the US but as our education system in the UK becomes more privatised it will equally apply here in the UK.

This battle has been fought many times and now we are back at the same place of viewing education as something to be bought and sold.

Education is about children learning within an educational setting and community.  Of course that is not the only place children learn but it needs to be the best place for children to learn.

That means having teachers who are skilled in understanding how children learn and providing that.

This means focusing on the teachers and not technology or innovation.

That may be nice and shiny.

But it is the skilled interpreter and the skilled observer of young children who is able to lead their questioning and enhance their experiences in the social settings particularly for nursery and preschool.

And that is precisely where the unkindest cuts are being inflicted.



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