The Bhopal Tragedy.

Thirty years ago in India there was a massive cyanide leak.  The government claims 5,000 people died but this is disputed by activists who claim 25,000 at least died.   Whoever you believe it was still a huge number.

The ongoing tragedy is that there has been no proper clean-up and children play over buried waste and toxic water is leaking into the aquifers.  Tests have shown it corresponds to the chemicals from the factory.

The evidence is there but who will sort it out?  Children are being born now with multiple birth defects and there is very little in the way of treatment.  Union Carbide owned the factory when the accident happened and they were sued by the Indian Government. But the paltry amount of $400m soon disappeared and the clean-up was never carried out.

So for 30 years this obnoxious, poisonous site has been festering.  The UN has waded in but don’t hold your breath.  It is totally wrong that the children of Bhopal are paying the price of this appalling tragedy.

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