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Make Way for the Snitch State: All-Seeing Fourth Branch of Government. John Whitehead. Global Research.

John’s articles are always very thought-provoking.

This one on secrecy and surveillance is particularly important as so much information is collected on us without our knowledge and could be used against us at any time.

As John states, the snitch culture being so encouraged by the recent divisive tactics, has further empowered the surveillance state.

To the detriment of our privacy and security.

Right Now with Christianne van Wijk – Episode 9 – 11.6.21 MUST WATCH!!!

Interview 1646 – New World Next Week with James Evan Pilato.

UKC News: Biden, Boris at G7, Plan to ‘Vaccinate the World’.

And how we can stop it!

Forgotten moments from the history of vaccines; yes, history matters. Jon Rappoport.


Just memorise as many as you can and recommend Leon Chaitow’s excellent books.

The evidence is there for all but hidden under the nonsense that vaccines are’ safe and effective’.

Except covid-19 ‘vaccines’ are not vaccines and so we have a huge job to unravel the propaganda.

Here are the tools to do just that.

Nuremberg 2.0: International Team of Lawyers and Medical Experts are Seeking to Charge the CDC, the WHO and the Davos Group with Crimes Against Humanity.

Going through the 10 points of The Nuremberg Code and seeing how the recent ‘pandemic’ has violated each one.

Whistleblowers invited to send in their evidence.

Houston Nurses Protest After Losing Their Jobs For Refusing Covid-19 Shots. Last American Vagabond.


War Over Genetic Privacy Just Beginning. John Whitehead. Global Research.

One person giving their DNA to find out their ancestry leads to 300 others.

Problems and crimes from the past can be solved but at the cost of the whole of society being held suspect at the cellular level.

A very clear warning of the long term implications.

Vernon Coleman: ‘Lies on the BBC Will Result in Children Dying’ 21st Century Wire.

Powerful facts to counter the narrative that it is safe to give these toxic experimental jabs to children.

They arn’t.

They arn’t at risk from covid and already 4 children in the US have died from the jab.


Please share far and wide.

Dr Andy Kaufman: The Problem with ‘The Science’ of COVID Virology. 21st Century Wire.

With Dr Sam Bailey.

A treat – 2 extremely eloquent and knowledgeable scientists.