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Really Simple Syndication – #SolutionsWatch The Corbett Report.

Who Are the Ultimate War Profiteers? A U. S. Air Force Veteran Removes the Veil. Global Research.

An eye-opening article exposing the way lobbying, the banks, politicians and Wall Street as well as the US elite profit from the death, destruction and theft of resources from all the countries dominated and under US occupation.

Meanwhile, in the US people are dying from the cold, lack of heating, homes, clean water and good food.

Time for change!

Sunday Screening: ‘How to Get a Good Night’s Sleep’ (2021) 21st Century Wire.

A delightful short film bringing the latest techniques and understandings of the epidemic of sleep deprivation and demonstrating the simple strategies that can help us create the conditions for optimal sleep and brain health.

This ‘covid’ sh*t has got to stop – this great song says it all. Come on people – no more cooperation with our own enslavement – freeeeeeeeeeedom!!!!!!

Common Law v Covid Legislation | Woman cites common law in refusal to close business. Brilliant!!!

Common Law – 1 Police – 0

Paleopocalypse! – Narrated by Stephen Fry.

Covid-19 mRNA Shots are Legally NOT Vaccines. Dr. Mercola.

Includes excellent video by Dr. David Martin who scrutinizes the legal aspects.

And how the authorities are getting away with calling them ‘vaccines’ under Emergency Authorisation.

Another con!

Letter to Elon Musk and SpaceX: Stop Launching Catastrophic Broadband Satellites(Signatures Needed) Activist Post.

An excellent letter from the eminent scientist and doctor, Arthur Firstenberg, author of the well-researched and detailed book, ‘The Invisible Rainbow’.

How can drenching the planet in 5G radiation be good for any living thing, especially for the bees we need for food and all small animals and insects.

Oh, unless you want to kill off all biological life and replace it with GMO???

Including the humans…

Please sign and share.

This is how they pulled off the biggest hoax in history. David Icke.

A really good interview with David.

Particularly as he goes into the nature of reality in detail and how in a ayahuesca session in the rainforest he heard a powerful female voice telling him, “Infinite love is the only truth, all the rest is illusion”.

But how most of us get caught up in the 5 sense limited reality and identify with the experience and not the All powerful, All Possibility of Oneness.

Also, how we all add to the vibratory field and as we understand more change the field in raising the vibration.

Highly recommended.