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Global Magnitsky: Will UK Join US in Sanctions Against Venezuela Post Brexit? 21st Century Wire.

Thorough analysis by Nina Cross.

Really shocking how the reality is being skewed.

Hopefully not but the signs are not good.

Kudos, Chris Williamson.

Global Magnitsky: Will UK Join US in Sanctions Against Venezuela Post Brexit?

NEOM: Saudi Arabia Spend 500 trillion $ to Build AI Smart City to Benefit Israel. David Icke.

Hunger Games: Food Abundance and Twisted Truths. OffGuardian

Excellent article that quickly gets to the roots of the problem.

Food is not a commodity.

Small farmers with traditional low-input agroecology are more productive but when big business loans and debt mean that the produce is exported and the people go hungry something is very wrong.

Highly recommended.

Mother Explains Why Her Daughter’s Death From Vaccines Isn’t Reported in The Statistics. Collective Evolution.

So much is wrong.

That the vaccine companies do not have any incentive to make the vaccines safe.

That it is so difficult to report and prove that it was the vaccine.

That pushing so many untested vaccines into newborns and toddlers is deterimental to the child’s innate immune system.

That pushing poisons and aborted foetal cells and other foreign and toxic substances into the child’s bloodstream produces shocking reactions from death to autism and shocking allergies.

That the CDC and other parties have a conflict of interest – and on and on and on.

Whatever happened to informed consent???

Why I Don’t Have a Mobile Phone. Julian Rose. David Icke.

A very profound article which explains clearly the implications of non ionizing radiation for the whole planet.

Simply put – did you reject GMO foods?

Then surely you will reject the genetic modification of humanity.


Kudos, Julian.

Krystal Ball Shuts Down Tulsi Smear In Real Time. The Jimmy Dore Show.

‘Sacred right to suck up to power’: Pilger blasts ‘cruel’ media coverage of Julian Assange. (VIDEO). David Icke.

Heartfelt and powerful comments by John Shipton, Julian’s father who is building cross party support throughout Europe for Julian.

Then John Pilger takes the podium and blasts the Swedish handling of the mythical charges and the UK’s disgraceful hounding and imprisonment of Julian.

Belatedly, the Guardian and other media outlets are realizing that this about real journalism and is going to affect them in the future.

Suddenly the smearing has stopped.

Sweden has dropped charges for the 3rd time in 9 years.

But Julian is still in prison for no crime and skipping bail for a crime he never committed with the charges now dropped.

175 years for embarrassing  a world power over war crimes they committed.

Were those who committed the crimes ever prosecuted?

Go figure.

The Left is from Jerusalem. Gilad Atzmon. David Icke.

Thoughtful and stimulating article from Gilad who has a unique insight into Judaism and the history of thinkers who can unravel what is happening.

As Gilad so eloquently explains, the Holocaust has become a religion.

This explains why those who wanted truth, justice and freedom are now at the forefront of destroying just those freedoms they once stood for.


Highly recommended.

In Defense of ‘Conspiracy Theories’. OffGuardian.

A very interesting look at the beginning of the use of the term conspiracy theories in the wake of the Kennedy assassination 55 years ago.

Yet even now thousands of files are still not available for the public to view.

Why not?

And how the CIA even became embroiled in the arts to challenge the soviet views with individualistic modern art.

Very interesting to attend the art exhibition if you are in the US.

While today the focus has moved to fake news…

In Defense of ‘Conspiracy Theories’

Advancing Propaganda For Evil Agendas Is the Same as Perpetrating Them Yourself. Caitlin Johnstone. David Icke.

Classic Caitlin.


Exposing the chattering class Guardian and exposing the manipulation to manufacture the consent of the governed.

Don’t fall for it…