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The Dumbed-down New York Times. Consortium News.

The Dumbed-Down New York Times

Hezbollah Leader Perfectly Explains Syria. YouTube.

Out it comes.

The Media has failed to explain the new war on ISIS in Libya and the chaos wrought by the NATO regime change. Alternet.

23,144 bombs dropped by the Obama administration on 6 Muslim countries and now in Libya.

And that ain’t genocide?

Abu Zubaydah: Torture’s Poster Child. Consortium News.

Appalling what this man has suffered.

Abu Zubaydah: Torture’s ‘Poster Child’

Banning Burkinis: The Politics of Beachwear. Global Research. Update. Free Nazanin.

US Wars are for Empire, Not for Profit


On Genocide


Yemen is being destroyed. A US-backed “Saudi Coalition” has been bombing and shelling Yemen for 16 months. The UN puts the civilian death toll at 3700, but (aside from the question of why combatants’ lives apparently only count if they are Western soldiers) this probably vastly under-represents the death toll by both direct violence and by the indirect effects of the war. Most of the country has no reliable access to clean water and people, particularly young children, are dying of disease and deprivation.

On August the 22nd, two eminent commentators gave interviews on Yemen. Harper’s magazine editor Andrew Cockburn (author of a book on drone assassinations called Kill Chain) was interviewed on Democracy Now! Later in the day Medea Benjamin (prominent activist co-founder of Code Pink and also author of a book on Drone Warfare) was interviewed on KPFA’s Flashpoints.

Cockburn and Benjamin were in…

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The Cynical Use of Emotion to Sell an Horrific Agenda. David Icke Videocast. YouTube.

Ex-government agent claimed, ‘JFK assassination was inside job’. Daily Mail online.

Mosaic of Facts: Inside the Information War. RT. YouTube.