Brussels, the European extension of Washington – #Brexit to save Democracy of UK and of Europe

Excellent summary. I hope this will be reposted far and wide. Whatever the outcome of the referendum we need to unEu ourselves because of the treachery of Lisbon.

Global Political Analysis

The ultimate, hidden reasons why to vote Brexit

brussels washington of europeThe date of UK’s EU Referendum is approaching fast, yet the vast majority of the voters are still unaware of the very essence of what EU represents and of the perils that staying within this union imply.

If I had a magic wand, I would push this post onto every cover-page and TV-channel. This post is to reveal the hidden yet most essential facts about EU – as well as the grave implications of staying in EU – that the CIA-bribed mass-media will forever keep from the British public.

Before any long-term considerations, at present the immediate goal is to reclaim UK’s independence, to restore at least the minimal chance for democracy both in UK and in whole Europe. For Europe to survive at all, the number-one task would be to break up the dictatorial federal state established in Brussels, and to…

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