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Three Examples of the American Police State. The Young Turks. YouTube.

The CIA Just Declassified the Document that Supposedly Justified the Iraq Invasion. Vice News.

Lies, more lies and deceit.

How many have died?

There need to be some criminals in jail.

For life.

Decades on, Israel Tries to Bury its’ Darkest Times. Jonathan Cook.


Slowly the paper trail is being established and the lie about the IDF being the world’s most moral army exposed for the lie it is.

Actions speak louder than words but sometime the words are needed to backup and expose the hypocrisy.


Decades on, Israel tries to bury its darkest times

President Obama’s Lesser Known Legacy: “Arms Dealer in Chief”. Truth Out.

A very cleverly constructed public image of a squeaky-clean president who presides over a kill-list every Tuesday, who admits to enjoying killing people and who has increased by tens of billions the amount spent on weapons to dubious regimes.

The amounts are unimaginable and would pay for every child on the planet to have enough food, clean water and medical care and education many times over.

I know which legacy I would prefer.

And so would most Americans – if they knew.

‘Why not Albright in the Hague?’ : 8 Reasons why folks in the US want the Diplomat at the Hague. RT USA

Some history here everyone needs to know to piece together the truth.

Time there was real accountability for those who caused the deaths of millions.

Renegade Jewish Settlers. YouTube.

Part 1 of 5

Must watch.


Secret Archive of Paedophile Crime Kept by Catholic Church’s Insurers. The Age.

Time these were made public.

This Royal Commission is in Australia.


Medical Experts Call for Global Drug Decriminalisation. Orrazz

This study, by The Lancet and John Hopkins University in the US calls for the UN to totally revers ethe previous prohibitionist approach which has not worked but caused untold violence, death and suffering.

Who ever thought that approach would work?

But it made some people and governments and private prison corporations an awful lot of money.

VAXXED Film of Robert de Niro blocked by censors from Tribeca Film Festival. Natural News.

Watch the trailer.

Try to watch the film.

If you are in the US demand your Congress Member demands a full investigation.

“Suicide Bombers” Known to, and Imprisoned by Security Agencies BEFORE Brussels Attack. Activist Post.

Seems to be a pattern here.