Man walks into Ashton Under Lyne Jobcentre, gets sanctioned goes home and commits suicide. Another day outside the Jobcentre.

This is very, very tragic. Thank you for all you do in being a supportive presence outside the job centre and to be there for people. If this man had met and talked to you he may not have seen suicide as the only way out.

The poor side of life

I wrote this on my Facebook page and people were shocked. I don’t think the enormity of it all actually hits you unless you either are or have been in a similar situation or you spend a lot of time outside a Jobcentre like we do. Its easy to forget I suppose, if you aren’t reminded about it all that time like I and my comrades are. The news obviously doesn’t cover this issue, unless it is spoken about in parliament. Even then its only a few lines in the paper. The only newspaper that will freely write about it is The Morning Star. The paper that I’m lucky enough to get my articles in. If you don’t buy it try it. Its a refreshing change to read the real news.

It was freezing today outside the Jobcentre. It was already cold but the wind chill was bad today. The…

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