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Brian Johnson: Philosopher’s Notes. You Are The Placebo. Joe Dispenza YouTube.

Very good.

The placebo is very, very powerful but our minds imagining and creating the future we would like is far more powerful.

Highly recommended.


Tories Halve Councils Cash to fight Air Pollution in England. Guardian.

More good news to brighten your day.

If you have ever seen a young child fighting for breath from an asthma attack you will know how obscene this is.

I think the clue is in the phrase that the number of people dying from air pollution continues to rise but the funding is halved.

And there you have it.

Have a lovely weekend!

Celebrity Chef Urges MP’s to support food waste bill. Guardian.

Totally obscene that so much food is dumped by supermarkets while people go hungry.

France has a law that says their wast that is still edible goes to feed the homeless and the poor.

High time we had it here.

Richie Allen Show on David Emma Ibbotson the Producer of Traffic 2 on the Great 2bn pound Forced Adoption Scandal! YouTube.

Emma has lost her daughter to social services because she appeared in a video on drink driving that is use by the police and other organisations for training.

Many parents have been able to take on social services and so not lose their children because of what they have learned from Emma.

The amounts that change hands are huge.

This is a scandal of enormous proportions well-hidden.

Please watch.


“I’m an Irishman working in the West Bank helping children to get to school through the Checkpoints.” The Journal.

Alex works with the Ecumenical Society in the Occupied Palestinian Territories as an Accompanier for children going to and from school.

He also documents human rights abuses and particularly those affecting children such as night raids.

So sad this has been ongoing for 40 years and the situation getting more dire by the day.

Virginia House Votes Unanimously to legalize hemp-farming. Activist Post.

This is a historic victory that clears the way for legislation to bypass federal law.

Hemp farming is still illegal under federal law although some states and institutions have permission to research hemp.

This means as long as the bill is passed to get around federal law hemp farming could be up and running in 3 to 5 years.

Good news.

Winston Churchill: Britain’s ‘Greatest Briton’ left a legacy of Global Conflict and Crimes Against Humanity. Global Research.

Great British values anyone?

Britain’s Top Psychiatrists Warn tory Benefit cuts are making conditions for mental health patients worse. Mirror.

I’m afraid words are not enough to make any changes to neoliberal heartless policy.

Appeal Court Rules Bedroom Tax Discriminatory in Two Cases. Guardian

Excellent news which I hope will encourage others to appeal and not take this lying down.

But how appalling and what a sad indictment of the scurrilous bedroom tax that these cases had to be brought.

Just think of the pain and suffering they have been through totally unnecessarily.

Many congratulations!

One Spirit Medicine by Alberto Villodo. Philosopher’s Notes. YouTube

I have published this before but have no hesitation in doing it again as it is such a wise, timely reminder.


As Alberto says “We were evolved to face one lion in the jungle but not the whole jungle turning against us.”

Wise words.