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Sheila Hounded to Death. Mirror.

The stories that are coming to light are unbelievably vile.

This should not be happening in 2015 in one of the richest economies on the planet.

That they are and under this government is utterly, utterly shameful.

The benefit system is supposed to support those in need of such support, when they need it and especially those with mental health problems.

May she rest in peace.

Bless her and her family for all they have suffered.


A Son’s Tribute To A Mother Lost To DWP Madness

Thank you for having the courage to share this. It is desperately sad and I hope she finds real peace. I also hope that we cn alert many others to the suffering and crisis people are having to go through and finally get this stopped.

Same Difference

My mother Ruby Urbacz age 59 was found dead at her home on the 6th September as a result of a heart attack. She had been admitted to hospital a 01/08/15 for chest pains where they found she had had three minor heart attacks. Even though my mother had poor mobility , type 2 diabetes, very basic numeracy and literacy skills and mental health problems including depression, she was deemed “fit for work” by the DWP . She was put on JSA and hounded to show evidence of looking for a job she struggled to write a shopping list and thus constantly worried about money and if her benefits would be stopped.
Her benefits were stopped without without any investigation as she missed her jsa appointment whilst in hospital, after her discharge she had received no money for five consecutive weeks of the £50…

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Labour Councillor Chris Furlong Defends Tweet Comparing IDS To Hitler

Excellent commentary on this blog by Mike Sivier on Vox Political. Check it out because he is very clear on the numbers where the DWP have tried to fudge and confuse.
Well done!

Same Difference

North Middleton councillor Chris Furlong has defended a tweet he posted that compared the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, Iain Duncan Smith to Hitler.

The Labour councillor tweeted a picture of Hitler above one of Mr Duncan Smith, implying that the Conservatives were responsible for the deaths of more disabled people than the Nazi party leader.

The tweet referred to the ‘killing of 70,000 disabled people’ by Nazis alongside a reference to ‘81,040 disabled people’ having died in just over two years under the Conservative government.

Speaking to Rochdale Online, Councillor Furlong defended posting the tweet and said: “I posted the tweet because people are dying because of policies instigated by Iain Duncan Smith and the mainstream media is ignoring it. I have been campaigning on these issues for a while now but, for some reason, the mainstream media is choosing to ignore it.

“I am highlighting the government’s figures…

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Secret War in 135 Countries. Common Dreams.

‘Special Operations Command’s funding, for example, has more than tripled from about $3 billion in 2001 to nearly $10 billion in 2014 “constant dollars,” according to the Government Accountability Office (GAO).  And this doesn’t include funding from the various service branches, which SOCOM estimates at around another $8 billion annually, or other undisclosed sums that the GAO was unable to track.  The average number of Special Operations forces deployed overseas has nearly tripled during these same years, while SOCOM more than doubled its personnel from about 33,000 in 2001 to nearly 70,000 now.’

And this is so shadowy and secret no one knows which countries they operate in and what they are doing.

Far more questions need to be asked.

Oh, yes people are too busy being entertained by the circus.

Mass Media: Raise Your Expectations for your country. Ralph Nader. Common Dreams.

Sound common sense from Ralph.

Plus good solutions.

A circus but the bread is missing…

… and so it begins.

Thanks for alerting us.
Very, very worrying – the last thing people with mh problems need.

The lovely wibbly wobbly old lady

Please note  –  Trigger alert – this article contains reference to mental health issues 

Thanks to Chris Goulden of the Joseph Rowntree Foundation

You will be assimilated - to resist is futileThanks to Chris, I just came across this little gem on the DWP Gov.UK site …

To improve the employment and health prospects for people with common mental health conditions, RAND Europe recommended the government pilot a number of interventions.

The ‘Group Work’ Psychological Wellbeing and Work Feasibility Pilot is a group-based intervention based on the JOBS II model developed by the University of Michigan. It was jointly commissioned by DWP and the Department of Health. This evaluation examines the most effective design and delivery mode of the ‘Group Work’ intervention.

We also piloted another intervention, recommended by RAND Europe, using combined telephone-based psychological and employment related support. The evaluation of the Telephone Support Psychological Wellbeing and Work Feasibility Pilot was also published on 22 September 2015.


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The Mn Who Changed the World. Martin Noakes. YouTube.

A delightful tribute to Nikola Tesla.


Extraordinary talent and one who cared for the people.

Austerity is being used as a cover story for Class War Against the Poor. Yanis Varoufakis Says. Independent.


What about giving the increase in subsidies to the landowners and masses of other ways they have shifted the wealth of the masses to the 1%.

Wake up Britain and smell the coffee.

Save Gaza – Save the World: A Message to Humanity. Max Igan Full Circle Project. YouTube

This is so important.  Gaza is an open prison for children.

The average age is 17.

The water is undrinkable and the electricity has been off for days.

No houses have been rebuilt since last summer’s massacre and winter is approaching.

The UK government supports Netanyahu.

This is wrong.

Please write to your MP and send them this video and ask them to watch.

If Gaza is not solved then we need to remove them.

Mercola Channel. Dr Gedde talks about Cannabis. YouTube.

Very useful.  An expharmaceutical scientist has devoted her entire practice to using the medical benefits of cannabis.

Some very interesting information, particularly with regard to moving this issue forward at the federal and state levels.

A revolution happening before our eyes with enormous ramifications.