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Never mind the Greenwash Coca Cola can never be water Neutral. The Ecologist.

Excellent to hear all the victories against coca cola but under the new trade deals being negotiated they would be able to sue India for billions for ‘loss of profit’.

There are rumbles that the tobacco companies are going to do this to governments which imposed no-smoking bans which will probably be illegal under the TTIP rules.

Corporations will make the rules and governments have to pay up – and the courts will sit in secret with mainly fat cat corporate lawyers.

Do your bit!

Refugee Crisis or Green Transversal Project for Europe. Oriental Review.

This interview covers the refugee problem in the Balkans and in particular in Macedonia and how it is being used as punishment for the small countries standing up against the US as well as causing real problems for Europe.

Only by seeing the bigger picture will people be able to resist getting drawn into ethnic and religious strife.

Highly recommended.

Why McDonalds is Mc Fuc*ed| Weapons of Mass Destruction. RT YouTube

!.2 billion dollars of taxpayer money for a company that is making the planet sick….

Only half the story….

“How *Dare* ISIL Kill British Citizens! That’s *Our* Job!”

Excellently written.
” when the British ruling class do it, it is a matter for shrugged shoulders.”
Well said.

TheCritique Archives

by Martin Odoni

NOTE: I nearly wrote this article back in June, but in the end I decided to wait until evidence was in the public domain of post-Work-Assessment-Test deaths.

Seifeddine Rezgui is the name of a killer. On the 26th June 2015, armed with a Kalashnikov, he attacked a hotel in Port El Kantaoui, on the north-east coast of Tunisia. His frenzied attack, committed on behalf of the extremist terror group, Islamic State of Iraq and Levant (ISIL), left thirty-eight people dead. Thirty of them were British citizens, whose memory was lovingly saluted three days later, when the House of Commons observed a minute’s silence. The Prime Minister, David Cameron, then ordered that a national minute of silence would be held on the 3rd July, exactly one week after the attacks.

Iain Duncan-Smith is the name of a killer. Since becoming Secretary of State for Work & Pensions in…

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Win Some, Lose Some. Sweets Way Resists.

congratulations to all for achieving this for Mostafa.

More help needed to continue!

Confiscating Lives One Hectare at a time… New Internationalist.

Extending the illegal separation wall in the West Bank and the misery and destruction this causes.

The EU and especially the US as all as other nations need to be far stronger in their condemnation of Israel.

Perhaps the UK will take a lead…

House of Lords Outcry as donors, fixers and MP’s caught up in expenses scandal are ennobled. Independent.

Business as usual then…

Controlling the World: The full Documentary. YouTube

The story of the petrodollar from the beginning.

Very clear and highly recommended.

“The biggest heist in human history.”

Now I wonder why this was pulled off YouTube….

Richie Allen Show. Lisa Nolson. Debt Slavery. YouTube

A very interesting interview with much food for thought.

Lisa is part of the free energy party.

More than 2,500 Benefit Claimants die after being declared fit for work. Mirror.

Well worth watching the Corbyn clip where he declares IDS should resign – well never should have been appointed in the first place!