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The Real Benefit Cheats are the Employers who are milking the system. Welfare weekly.

A good article that puts some hard truths very succinctly.

Challenge your MP with these facts!

Matt Damon on Elite and NWO. ‘The problem is civil obedience. We need civil disobedience’.

Very useful.

The world is upside down.

Tomorrow, the 27th I shall be off-line and not using any power.  As it is also the UK Armed Forces Day I shall be definitely turned off!

Child Poverty – a Direct Consequence of David Cameron’s Policies? Comment is Free. Guardian.

As the figures are rigged yet again, a very useful piece and reminder that whatever is argued the children are the ones that suffer.

And the suffering is so fully multi-dimensional resulting in long – term lack of development, insecurity and emotional trauma to mention just a few long-term consequences.

Now wouldn’t a universal income plus real investment in social housing be cheaper in the long run on every count?

Dutch City of Utrecht to Experiment with a Universal Income. Independent.

This experiment is with the local university and will be worth watching.

Other cities are to experiment as well.

I think the reasoning that taking away the worry and the fear that you are 2 paydays away from losing your home will free people up to become far more creative and innovative.

After all, this is what happens when you retire.  You end up being so busy doing things you love that you wonder how you ever found the time to go to work!

Love it!

People Choose to be Poor and Disabled.- this is the logic behind the tories 12bn of welfare cuts. Independent.

‘For many on welfare, already stretched to their limits by current cuts, the only “choice” posed by £12bn welfare cuts is the choice between poverty and death. That’s not a choice which they themselves get to make, but a decision that has just been made by their Tory Government, and something that those on welfare will just have to live with, or die’.–this-is-the-logic-behind-the-tories-12bn-of-welfare-cuts-10338790.html

Breaking News Protesters in House of Commons Rush to try to gain access to PMQ. BBC YouTube.

Disabled protestors against the cuts to the Disability Living Allowance.

A surprise, cameron?

Benefit Cuts Deaths Revealed How the tories want to fudge the figures. Mirror.

What we need are some tory MP’s with a conscience to take this up as their excuse at the moment is that it is Labour MP’s causing trouble.


The Catholic Church Pornography Scandal has hit. Freedom Articles.

Please watch the video and see the hypocrisy at work!


Herbicide Resistant Insects are Destroying GMO crops like never before. Natural Society.

‘In short, Bt corn didn’t eradicate the pest it was meant to destroy; it only made it stronger, thereby causing even more pesticide use. Sounds like a perfect biotech creation made in cahoots with companies that sell chemicals for a living – and yet we trust them to make our food?’

Read more:
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Calling all 16-year old recruits – Get your battlefield casualties action man ptsd. Common Dreams.

Veterans Today in the UK have released these short films ahead of the Armed Forces Day on June 27th.  It is also to highlight the fact that Britain recruits 16 year olds in company with 19 other countries world wide such as North Korea and Iran.

This is criticised by the UN as 16 year-olds are still technically children.

Research shows that they are also more likely to end up dead in Afghanistan than those recruited as 18 year-olds.