Can Plants Hear? Scientific American.

Of course.

Talk to your plants and they grow better.

Known by good gardeners for ever….

David Cameron’s Secret Nuclear Deal Raised £17.8 million for Conservative Party Funds – Sets Pretext for War. True Publica.

Sleaze always brings the conservatives down…..

CORRECT: Manchester Bomber Linked to British-Backed Terror Group. 21st Century Wire.

Remarkable Beach Cleanup Removes 5.3 million kg of trash transforms Coastline. Natural Blaze.

Don’t litter in the first place.

Always remove at least 1 piece of litter when out walking.

More if you have time.

It’s very therapeutic!

Saudi Arabia Uncovered. YouTube.

Aleppo Reporter Exposes White Helmets, West for Working with Al-Qaeda; Debunks ‘Assad’s Brutality’. Activist Post.

Pomegranate Strikes to the Heart of Cancer Malignancy. Sayer Ji, Founder. GreenMedInfo LLC.

Very, very promising.