Come On People – It’s Time! – The David Icke Dot-Connector Videocast.

Must watch!

Now the psychopaths are coming for the children and eventually the newborns.

David quotes Rudolph Steiner who predicted exactly this 100 years ago – that a vaccine would be invented that takes away the soul of people and they would have no conscience or spirituality.

Exactly what is happening now.

More and more genetic synthetic material is altering our DNA and messing up the messenger communication within the body and particularly between the body and the brain.

People need to find their own self respect and draw a line in the sand for themselves and for their children – no fake vaccines for ourselves and our children ever!

Please share far and wide.

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Deja vu…

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No money – oh yes there is!!

It just went to the wrong people for the wrong things.

Give it back!!!!!!

Every penny for the right things!!!!

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