Ahed Tamimi and the Pathology of the Israeli Mind. Global Research.

Starts well but then becomes very wishy-washy.

Zionist hawks are not going to roll over to save the flowers….



Travesty and Tragedy at the Security Council. David Icke.

It’s just a big game to them….


Jewish groups and others getting sick of ‘Campaign Against Anti-Semitism (CAA)’ and its censorship for Israel. David Icke.


Lunatic Ranting at the Security Council. David Icke.

Britain is doing its best to deflect from what is happening in Syria with their version of ‘Russiagate’ as the one in the US has finally collapsed.

However, enough people were soured by the Iraq WMD lies that they are far more wary now.


Homelessness campaigners threatened with eviction after converting derelict office block into shelter. Independent.

It looks as if they are doing an amazing job so I hope that some good pro bono lawyers come forward and sort this.

Otherwise the local public need to get involved to sort out a suitable building.

There will be plenty of council-owned empty properties somewhere tucked away.

People need homes!


‘Russian Spy Attack Special’: What’s Next for Russia and the UK? 21st Century Wire.

Good analysis on ‘Going Underground’.


ACLU Demands Answers on a Disturbing New TSA Practice. Alternet.