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Covid tyranny meets resistance worldwide as FDA gives full approval for deadly Pfizer fake vaccine to open way for the ‘vaccine’ mandates. Info Wars.

So who in the FDA gave the approval to a company under investigation for fraud and murder?

The same person who approved the opioids killing so many young people.

Well, well, well…


Notice of Intended PCP For Mass Murder By Government Policy. The Bernician. MUST READ and SHARE!!!!

Tucker Carlson Tonight 8/25/21 BRILLIANT!!!

August Harvest vs. 5G; M.E.G.A.: Make Environment Great Again. Natural Blaze.

Does the FDA Think These Data Justify the First Full Approval of a Covid-19 Vaccine? Children’s Health Defense.

The Corbett Report. Solutions: ‘Go Forth and Multiply’

Iconoclast Roundtable 2 EXCELLENT!!!

Australian truckers have warned the public to stock up on essentials as they claim they are going to take back Australia. Daily Expose.


As the truckies say in this video, they, plus the veteran will stand up to the government and bing them down.


How sad the chattering classes still do not see through the propaganda.

Kudos, truckies!!!

Pfizer Jab Receives Full Approval From FDA, Pentagon Mandates Vaccinations For All Troops. Natural Blaze.

Australian Town Council Sparks Outrage After Killing Rescue Dogs To Prevent Covid Spread. Natural Blaze. Bastards.