Doctors for Covid Ethics Symposium. Session 1: The False Pandemic. UK Column.

The first part of a 4 part series held over 2 evenings hosted by UK Column.

World renowned doctors and professors coming together to spread the word that Covid-19 is a very easily treated disease and that there are many well-researched therapeutics which are simple, easily available, cheap and work very well.

The fact that the PCR test has been pushed from the beginning to produce cases which are used for lockdowns where the evidence of all cause mortality shows it was the way the pandemic was handled which caused many of the deaths and the skewing of statistics, plus censorship and now the suspending of doctors even questioning the official narrative which costs them their livelihoods.

Yet ‘First Do No Harm’ must be the credo for every doctor.

Highly recommended.

Please share with friends and colleagues, especially those in the medical profession.

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