Where Has All the Midazolam Gone? David Icke.

A question the government, M.P’s and particularly Matt Hancock need to answer urgently.

This is several years supply used by April 2021 and then in short supply.

Old, sick people were removed from hospitals to care homes where they could see no relatives, often had medication removed and some doctors refused to visit.

So they were in a very poor way and then given morphine and midazolam which was supposed to sedate but given in large doses depressed the respiratory system.

Then it was deemed possible to give the midazolam to another patient even if it hadn’t been prescribed for them.

And so the old people died in large numbers and the first wave was concocted amid the ‘pandemic’ scare.

And so the ‘covid pandemic’ was born.

But we now have the proof and there will be trials.

Some will be in prison for the rest of their lives.


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