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Alex Spencer – Things Just come and Go – Official Music Video – Debut Single.

The Staggering Corruption of the Clinton Crime Family. Amazing Polly. MUST WATCH!!!

Update. Live Pop Up. The Morning After The Morons Before.

UK Column News – 26th March 2021. MUST WATCH!!!

China, The Quad and the Next Great War. The Corbett Report.

Very succinct and clear analysis of how the pieces are shping up for the power grab of control for the 21st century.

And it isn’t a new cold war but a fusion of the worst of the west and the east in a technocratic nightmare that will imprison us all.

Just reflect on how much more we resemble China since a year ago.

And we arn’t half way yet on what they want to introduce.

Highly recommended.

Suez Canal Blocked: A “Worst Case Scenario for Global Trade.” Ice Age Farmer.

Ukrainians Burn Masks!

James Corbett on Life and Life Only.

Man Spends 30 Years Turning Degraded Land into Massive Forest.

Archdiocese: Johnson & Johnson Covid Vaccine Morally Compromised. Dr. Mercola.

Excellent summary and resources for those who have not made up their mind yet about the covid gene threrapy.

If you are under 60 and in good health then your chances of surviving covid are 99.9%

And if you are under 40 and in good health then your chances of survival are 99.999%!

Why ever would you risk these untested, unlicenced, risky gene therapies that may well do more harm than good?