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CNA Nursing Home Whistleblower: Seniors are DYING LIKE FLIES! Minds.

This is incredible information from a young man who is a nursing assistant in a care home that last year had zero covid cases.

But in one month since 80% of the residents were vaccinated with the Pfizer vaccine at least 12 have died and more are dying daily.

What is even more tragic is that no one is asking any questions.

Relatives are told there is a ‘superspreader’ and because they cannot visit they do not have the knowledge to challenge this.

So please share this video with friends, family and anyone else who has any authority.

The ‘vaccine’ is working – that is the whole point – who benefits?

The government because there is a black hole within the pensions budget and with fewer working less taxes are coming in.

Kudos, James, it takes real courage to speak out.

Heavily censored Jewish woman exposes Epstein and the Sabbatean Frankists and so much more. MUST WATCH!!!

Solutions: Survival Currency. James Corbett.

UK Column News – 29th January 2021.

It’s Time to Wake Up – David Icke Talks to The Talk Junkies Podcast. David Icke.

Just a brilliant podcast.

These guys ask the right questions as they are both knowledgeable and understand much of what David is talking about.

Very wide ranging talk from David drawing deeply on his 30 years research.

If we raise our vibration from fear and depression and worry then the distorted vibration of those trying to imprison us will not impact upon us.

This also means to go beyond it by not identifying with the labels of the limited I in 5 sense reality.

Wisdom comes from an expansion of consciousness

We are at the fork in the road.

We will make the right choice when we realize what is at stake not only for our own children but for their children as well.

Highly, highly recommended as there is so much valuable information here.

UK Column News – 27th January 2021. MUST WATCH!!!

Breaking the Covid Trance: How the Irish People were Psychologically Manipulated. UK Column.

A long and very fascinating article. Particularly pertinent are the illustrations by a 12 year-old which are extremely moving.

How the experts in government, many of them psychologists and some of them fully-paid up members of the communist party have programmed the Irish, British and every nationality into fear and the reptilian brain survival mode of ‘I must survive, I must survive’ and to comply with all the extraordinary commands and consequent loss of freedoms.

Unless we stop being compliant and rip off the mask and start to go about our lives and reopen businesses before they’re lost for good.

And final dependence on the government is inevitable as the Chinese model of social crediting is introduced in the Hunger Games society..

A useful analysis.

Tucker Carlson Tonight 1/25/21 Shutting Down Fox News?

Freedom is Just a Word for Nothing Left to Lose. David Icke.

When the reality of what has happend in the last year with loss of jobs, suicides, people too afraid to seek medical help then people will rise up against the tyranny.

Peacefully with the police removing their helmets as in Spain and joining with the people plus mass reopening of restaurants in Italy and on and on…


Strawman – The Nature of the Cage – Official Documentary. David Icke.

Includes covid fascism.

Mainly debt but excellent information.