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What NO ONE is Saying About The Lockdowns. James Corbett. (Repost as this is so important as the year ends and we decide our priorities for the year ahead.)

CRUCIAL Viral Update Dec 7th – Europe and USA Explained! MUST WATCH!!!!

Why Lockdowns Do Not Work and Hurt the Most Vulnerable. Dr. Mercola.

A passionate plea to those in authority to halt this ludicrous and harmful policy.

Kudos Dr. Mercola for all your efforts to highlight this on behalf of the vulnerable and food insecure.

An excellent analysis of the research from Ivor Cummins which is perfect to send to your MP today and ask why is this continuing.

Also the very impassioned plea from James Corbett and The Thick Red Line which shows what can be achieved when the police realize they are in this as well and their children and grandchildren will have to live under the tyranny now being rolled out.

Unless we halt it.

Please share far and Wide.

Giving Life the Electric Chair – The Plain Physics & Biophysics of Phone & WiFi Radiation. Peter Tocci. Natural Blaze.

A long and detailed analysis of the effect of EMR/EFR on the body and on all living organisms.

Peter postulates there are no safe limits and that scientists in the last 17 years have created a situation where there is so much damage being done to humans and the environment that we are very close to collapse.

He gives numerous examples and explains the technical details simply and ties it in the whole agenda of human surveillance and enslavement.

Worth spending the time spent on this enormously important subject.

Do Senate Hearings Show That Covid-19 Vaccines Use is Illegal (Updated) Natural Blaze.

A good compendium of videos and evidence from courageous doctors across the world who are using inexpensive alternatives showing that the vaccines are unnecessary and dangerous motivated by vast profits and control.

In emergency authorisation other alternatives need to be shown that they do not exist.

This is not the case as all this evidence shows.

Probably mounting a legal challenge is the way forward.

Unfortunately that takes time and money but so much is at stake here.

The future of humanity.

2 doses of the vaccine plus booster shots every 2 months??

Just think of the profits…

World’s First Covid “Human Challenge ” Begins as UK Prepares to Infect 2,500 Volunteers. Natural Blaze.

The UK government is preparing to sink another £33m it doesn’t have to infect 2,500 healthy volunteers with what they claim is SarsCov2 to see what happens.

The height of insanity.

They will be locked away for 2-3 weeks and monitored closely.

I wonder what they will be giving them?

This reminds me of a similar invitation in the 60’s to go to Porton Down bioweapons lab and take part in ‘common cold’ experiments. Except they wern’t – they were lethal poisons and people died.

Sadly these young people have no idea of the level of evil masquerading as experiments for the good of all.

Watch these trials like a hawk…

Death By Medicine w/ Gary Null, PhD.

Excellent interview but cut off at the end when discussing covid19 vaccine.

Check out his website for more information PRN.FM

Katie Hopkins: One number to remember #388 MUST WATCH!!!

Authorities forced to admit that SarsCov2 (Covid-19) does not exist as David Icke has been saying since the spring. MUST WATCH!!!

Well well done for being so persistent that in the end the authorities have had to admit the ‘virus’ has never been isolated or purified so there is no full genome that exists.

There are 37 base pairs in the DNA they have found and just made the rest up and then voted on it.

And this lie has transformed the whole of human society, put millions out of work and destroyed millions of independent businesses.

Time for many more to demand this information and answers to these questions from their MP’s.

And a few people can’t control the world??

Interview 1606 – James Corbett Tackles The Ultimate Question. The Corbett Report.

James tackles the ultimate question of what it is to be human in the context of the future of humanity being manipulated in the great reset with Klaus Schwab, the World Economic Forum and the medial mafia onslaught from Bill Gates and the WHO agenda.

And how we can literally derail the 4th Industrial Revolution by all those little acts of civil disobedience by using cash instead of cards the whole time, not downloading the app and carrying the latest technology with you wherever you go.

With thousands and perhaps millions not complying and cooperating the house of cards will fall.

One of James’s more important podcasts.

The future of humanity is literally at stake.