Despairing America: The Astonishing Psychological Cost of Lockdown. Natural Blaze.

Just appalling.

The truly saddest thing is the price being paid by young people and children who are not at risk from this ‘virus’ even if it does exist.

Suicide rates are spiraling out of control, in one county in Texas they have risen by 200%.

Unemployment increases suicide rates and that has skyrocketed with over 100 million now out of work.

This increases stress, poverty, loss of income and homes and leads to break-up of marriages.

No doubt bout it, America is being attacked from within and needs to fight back peacefully.

Put the anger into changing and challenging these lockdowns and mandates.

It may be a crisis but it can be the opportunity to turn so much around.

A good time to become resolute about this!

Let’s go!

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