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The Remarkable Benefits of Low-Dose Naltrexone. Dr Mercola.

A most useful article on LDN, its uses and benefits particularly with boosting the immune system.

It reduces pain and especially useful in digestive disturbances and opioid addiction plus alcohol dependency.

As it is a drug you need to find a doctor who is willing to prescribe with knowledge and understanding.

Claire Edwards talks to Project Camelot about 5G, Covid and the Great Reset. David Icke.

A really long and detailed interview with Claire Edwards who has enormous knowledge about space and radiation.

Interestingly, the interview is removed from YouTube right towards the end as soon as Claire talks about the people taking back their power.

The great reset is a great monetary reset and Claire traces the history of the money system since Bretton Woods and then the petrodollar.

But you cannot have a superpower in a world government so America has to be destroyed and that is planned through this extraordinary election.

Oligarch’s want civil war so we must remain calm and stay in our love frequency and also that of compassion – the very human qualities they want to destroy.

The deletion of humanity through a population cull and the deletion of humanity as in our frequencies of love, joy, happiness, empathy and compassion.

It is our opportunity to replace the corruption with Common Law and remove the corrupt governments and corporations.

We CAN do it!

Highly recommended.

Julia Hartley-Brewer: ‘It’s like the entire mainstream media has given up being journalists’.

Yeonmi Park. The North Korean Defector. David Icke.

A very inspirational story of a young woman who escaped to China and then made her way to South Korea and finally America.

She talks about the work she does to highlight the plight of young women sold to those in the highest class and men who are worked to death in Russia.

Worryingly, she describes how it only took 3 generations for North Korea to slide into total slavery.

And she is worried that we seem to be heading in that direction too.

Unless we turn it around fast.

Homeopathy Healed the 1918 Spanish Flu Epidemic. Natural Blaze.

So now it’s virtually banned.

Since the takeover of medical schools by the Rockefeller Institute and the Flexner Report in 1913 the number of medical schools and hospitals using homeopathy has sharply declined.


Because it works and it does not produce huge profits for big pharma and ultimately control.

However, people are making their own choices and not accepting the current script.

The tide is turning.

Solar Cycle 25 Releases Its First Big CME. Natural Blaze.

Because it was facing away from the Earth not too much damage has been done.

But it is concerning the next powerful one and smaller ones will be when we are facing the sun and will get the full force, not least because of the Earth’s waning magnetic field and the polar shifts.

We rely on electricity for so much, many buildings are now reliant on only electricity for heating and everything so if power is blacked out on a huge scale in the winter there is going to be enormous hardship.

We need to have some other sources of heating in place, especially for the ill, the elderly and the vulnerable.

While local councils are removing gas totally now…

Addicted: America’s Opioid Crisis. Dr. Mercola.

What a shocking indictment of the drug companies involved in this getting away with a slap on the wrist.

So many lost lives and destroyed families.

Yes, the drug companies need to be held accountable and pay for the clean-up for people.

Stop the prescriptions being given out like candy especially to children and teenagers, many by dentists.

Don’t fall for this!

There are so many natural, gentle and effective alternatives.

Real TRUTH About Covid-19 Vaccine – Dr.Christianne Northrup. MUST, MUST WATCH!!!!

UK Column News – 27th November 2020.

Solutions: Black Market Friday. The Corbett Report.