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Peter Mungo Jupp: How Old Is the Earth and Its Species. Space News.

The Most Dangerous Disease in the World.

How Covid-19 Vaccine Trials Are Rigged. Dr. Mercola.

Up-to-the-minute reporting on how these trials are going.

The results are not good.

1 death and 2 transverse myelytis cases (severe inflammation of the spine) and dozens of lesser symptoms.

But what is far more shocking is that actually preventing Covid-19 isn’t even a criterion for success. All they are aiming for is a reduction of symptoms shared by both covid and the common cold.

That all this money, billions of taxpayer money, all this hype and all it will do is reduce the symptoms of a common cold.

Then take into account that the participants in the trials are young and healthy and have a 99.8% risk of dying from covid anyway you begin to get very,very serious concerns.

What about the sick and vulnerable and elderly how will they fare?

And how about long-term effects?

Especially when DNA altering mRNA is being used for the first time and we have no idea how this will mess with the human genome for ever.

We might make an educated guess with Mr Gates front, back and centre in these trials.

Go to Barbara Loe Fisher’s powerful video plea at the end and share with friends and family.

Recycling the 1918 Spanish Flu Pandemic. Natural Blaze.

Same characters, very similar scenarios and hey presto – enough numbers to scare populations forever.

Except look more closely at the facts and the evidence and the picture changes dramatically.

Enter the Rockefeller vaccine given to troops who became very ill and were distributed throughout Europe in unsanitary conditions with poor food and confined spaces and you have a nightmare scenario.

Then inflate the numbers – wait isn’t that still what happens with certain models from certain colleges funded by a certain foundation?

It all gets eerily sinister…

Bringing The Jones Plantation to the Big Screen. The Corbett Report.

Soil-Powered Fuel Cell Promises, Cheap Water Purification. Natural Blaze.

This costs a few pounds for the equipment and would provide 3 liters a day, enough for an average person’s need.

The project is a joint project between the University of Bath and the Federal University of Ceara. It is being piloted in North East of Brazil which is a semi-arid area.

There are 2 carbon-based electrodes, the anode buried in the soil and the cathode exposed to the air. Electrogens populate the surface of the anode and as they ‘consume’ the organic compounds in the soil they generate electrons which then travel via the anode to the cathode.

An excellent cheap and simple system.

I hope it can be trialed in Gaza next.

The Jones Plantation.

Reject Authority, Trust Yourself – Terence McKenna.

Serving the Servants – Stage 1 Completed. 20 Notices Served on Police Chiefs.

The 3 vile cops (who think they got away with it). Yes, this is rural England…