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Children Have 0.00% Chance of Dying From Covid But Are Harmed for Life by Social Distancing Which Has Its Roots in CIA Torture Techniques. Vaccine Impact.


An excellent video to share with parents, governors and education chiefs.

Also includes a sample letter which is applicable to the US but can be adapted.

Please share so this abuse of children ceases.


NEW STUDY: ‘Glyphosate in Pregnancy Causes Autism Behaviours’.

UK Column News – 29th June 2020. MUST WATCH!!!

Covid-19: the war against the elderly in uncaring “care” homes. UK Column.

Elderly patients neglected and starved to death around the world – a coincidence or tragic mistake?


But we must not let it rest.

Take it up with your local health authority and elected representatives so it NEVER happens again.

COVID Coercion: Boris Johnson’s Psychological Attack on the UK Public. Mike Robinson. UK Column.

Highly recommended article.

Generally the public have no idea of what has been planned in the shadows.

Neil Ferguson and his modeling from Imperial College was the planning behind the disastrous swine flu outbreak and here they are a decade later pulling an even more ambitious covert level of psychological programming on the unsuspecting UK public again.

We must ensure this never happens again.

Warp Speed Corona Virus Vaccine Makes Big Pharma Moderna Execs Very Rich. Dr. Mercola.

Worth studying so you have all the information for those who insist a vaccine is the only way out of this mess.

The comments are excellent and some hilarious.

Don’t miss as some excellent info.

Also an update from Robert Kennedy – invaluable.

NATO 2030 – Global Domination or Bust. Corbett Report.

First class analysis by James.

Sadly, it is not Comic Land but a very threatening global domination plan by anything but peaceful means.

Hopefully, the world will simply not cooperate.

Strange though that at the moment the western world is rushing to implement every aspect of Chinese total surveillance…

U.S. University Requiring Both Flu and Covid-19 Vaccines For Students to Enter Campus. 21st Century Wire.

Utterly tragic.

Young healthy people are not at risk.

Neither are staff or anyone else except those over 70 with underlying health conditions.

And those were deliberately let down and left to die.

This is a mindless bandwagon.

What will be the monetary benefits for the university for compliance or as with the MMR vaccine penalties for universities and colleges not having every student comply.

Do all you can to push this back.

U.S. University Requiring Both Flu and COVID-19 Vaccines for Students to Enter Campus

Sunday Wire: Episode #331 – ‘The New Abnormal’ with special guest Basil Valentine. 21st Century Wire.

The latest on the UK and US news in these dystopian times…

Episode #331 – ‘The New Abnormal’ with special guest Basil Valentine

Important Information on Covid -19 22.6.20.