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Covid-19 vaccination: what the plan looks like. Jon Rappaport. David Icke.


But enough people are realizing the whole set up is wrong and that vaccination is unavoidably unsafe as the Supreme Court in the US ruled back in 1986.


As Jon says.

It’s not going to be a picnic though.

Spread the word and get yourself up to speed with information and knowledge.

The pandemic pattern – how the illusion is built. Jon Rappaport. David Icke.

It’s all about illusion.

The magician in the white coat with a stethoscope who is the authority, stands beside the politician to give them their illusion of power.

Kudos, Jon, because the stakes are so high this time and they are making the final play for full control.

And like cornered rats turn very nasty.

When Governments Switched Their Story From ‘Flatten the Curve’ to ‘Lockdown Until Vaccine’. Natural Blaze.

This article is from earlier in May but important because it shows the people behind the narratives.

We have to hold them accountable and make sure this never, ever happens again.

When Governments Switched Their Story from “Flatten the Curve” to “Lockdown until Vaccine”

Pandemic and Epidemic Collide in Covid-19. Dr. Mercola.

This is the opioid crisis, already killing over 100 Americans a day and far more worldwide.

All the focus on the virus has meant all the factors for opioid addiction increase dramatically.

Especially lack of treatment and access to emergency services especially mental health resources.

Collateral damage of the most cruel and vicious kind.

And nobody thought of any of this???


UK Column News – 27th May 2020.

My TED Talk Banned on Youtube with 1 Million Views.

Lost Everything? Don’t Worry, You Can Be a Contact Tracer.

Were Conditions For High Death Rates at Care Homes Created on Purpose? OffGuardian.

A useful analysis into how the perfect storm for high death rates of the elderly were created.

This framework needs to be sent to all the health authorities throughout the UK with teeth to bring about real reform so this never happens again.

And who is really to blame?

Go to the top…

Were conditions for high death rates at Care Homes created on purpose?

From 9/11 to Covid-19, It’s Been a Perpetual State of Emergency. John Whitehead. David Icke.

Those students graduating this year have lived their entire lives under a state of emergency.

A sobering thought.

But this one is fundamentally more far reaching for us all and threatens to be never-ending.

As John says, there is work to be done to gain back our freedoms.

We all need to speak out, speak up and do all we can to let the government know we do not comply.

Who Is Bill Gates?! James Corbett interviewed by Press For Truth.