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Get Ready To Fight Israel’s Next War. Kurt Nimmo. David Icke.

A very clear analysis of the dangers being ramped up and the way the Israeli agenda is so prevalent in the Pentagon that it will be zombie Americans who fight and pay for Israel’s next war against Iran, Lebanon and Syria.

Who has benefited from the US wars so far in the Middle East?

What will it take to change that?

Americans waking up and the Israeli public unwilling to risk destruction.

Neither of which realise the huge price that will be paid and the suffering and destruction that will be exacted.

For what?

BREAKING: Telecom Workers Destroy Cell Towers.

USA Exports More Blood than Soybeans or Corn. Dr. Mercola.

Actually, as one of the comments points out, this includes animal blood and vaccine exports.

Otherwise this is an excellent article showing how this practice of collecting blood from the poor is feeding off the poor, sick and disabled but not helping their health.

Interesting the last report done by the CDC on environmental toxins was in 2009 – over 10 years ago so very out of date as only 200 environmental toxins were identified whereas the more recent EWG (Environmental Working Group) Study found 1,400.  Some slight difference.

Many of these are found in the aggressively marketed personal and home cleaning products.

Avoid them like the plague!

The Right to Healthy Food: Poisoned With Pesticides. Colin Todhunter. Off Guardian

Kudos, Dr. Rosemary Mason.

Fantastic article, Colin.

This is so important and needs to be forwarded to every MP in Britain.

Especially if safeguards are to be lessened as we move towards the US and yet still shackled by the EU.  Worst of both worlds.

Organic and grow your own are the best ways to protect your health and that of your family.

The Right to Healthy Food: Poisoned with Pesticides

This Christmas, Over Half a Million Americans Will Struggle With Homelessness. Mint Press.

Yet $20 billion, less than Americans spend on Christmas decorations, would solve it for good.

Bernie Sanders is promising to build affordable housing and end some of the causes of temporary accommodation leading to homelessness.

Amnesty International has pointed out there are more than enough vacant properties and that it would take very little to utilize and bring those up to a satisfactory standard.

So easy to solve if only there was the political will.

This needs to be a real and vital election issue.

Help make it so in your community.

This Christmas, Over Half a Million Americans Will Struggle with Homelessness

Don’t Be Crushed By Your Own Belief System. Caitlin Johnstone. David Icke.


Have beliefs about yourself, the world and others that really nourish you.

Changing your beliefs is something to celebrate and not knock.

See life as a mystery and have fun!

The Health and Environmental Dangers of 5G Technology. A Lethal Multi-trillion Dollar Operation. Claire Edwards. Global Research.

That of course is the problem.

As Tom Wheeler of the FCC stated there would be no waiting around for standards or safety because the big bucks were just too important.

But the push-back is really taking hold.

Claire is spending her life producing the clearest information possible and linking all the resources for everyone to use.

Don’t forget International Protest Day Against 5G is on 25th January.

Make sure you raise awareness in your community.

The Health and Environmental Dangers of 5G Technology. A Lethal Multi-Trillion Dollar Operation

You can now go to jail for insulting Anna Soubry. Spiked.

So much is wrong with this judgement.

Heckling is now harassment and MP’s are an elite special class protected by a special police unit.

So Jeremy Corbyn wasn’t harassed and intimidated and attacked.

See the video put out by the CAA – a charity.


As Americans Distracted By Impeachment, Congress Silently Killed Cannabis Reform – Despite Support. Natural Blaze.

Really tragic, especially as report after report shows that opioid deaths are lowered when cannabis is legalized.

But, as the author states, this will be overturned one day as so many benefits are associated with cannabis reform.

As Americans Distracted by Impeachment, Congress Silently Killed Cannabis Reform—Despite Support

Fast Food Nations and Global Nutrition. Colin Todhunter. Global Research.

Small farmers grow foods for local markets, themselves and their families.

They also look after the soil and usually do not use GMO seeds and lashings of poisonous pesticides.

Not good for the bottom line of greedy corporations.

In this article Colin unmasks all the sneaky ways the globalists are seeking to undermine these healthy, sustainable policies.

The more they are uncovered the better.

Make your money count in buying healthy local food, preferably organic.

Even better, grow your own.

Fast Food Nations and Global Nutrition