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Inner Terrain vs. Outer Terrain: Which Do You Emphasize for Good Health? Waking Times.

Highly recommended.

An excellent article which looks at the history of how we got to the place where the blame is always put on a germ or epidemic.

Other factors such as poisoning through pesticides and poor nutrition and water are ignored.

How do some people have strong immune systems and what encourages this?

A good overview both historically while the germ theory of Pasteur is being continued through the WHO and fear of pandemics etc.

How taking control of what we can will build our resistance and create ease and health through controlling those factors.


Inner Terrain vs. Outer Terrain: Which Do You Emphasize for Good Health?

Courage to Resist Podcast: Susan Schnall.

After serving in Vietnam as a nurse and then nursing soldiers back to physical health, Susan realized the extent of the psychological and spiritual damage still untouched.

As a serving officer she dropped leaflets from a small plane on military bases in America and marched on antiwar demonstrations in uniform.

The punishment meted out didn’t stop her and she has continued to courageously help those in Vietnam, especially the children damaged by agent orange and those who served as well and sprayed the defoliants.

An incredibly energetic, far-sighted and very amazing woman.


Highly recommended.

Podcast: After dropping antiwar leaflets over military bases from a plane, Susan Schnall

The nanomafia: nanotechnology’s global network of organized crime. David Icke.

This is a most interesting study paper submitted from Peru.

The abstract explains why South America has been chosen for this illegal and sinister work.

Unfortunately, there are fortunes to be made from the digital slavery, torture and mind control done in these experiments.

What makes it so difficult to stop and prove is that no physical marks are left and it is so difficult to prove but it is something we need to be aware of.

Ordinary people are not going to be able to even imagine this psychopathic behaviour.

Calling Home – The David Icke Dot-Connector Videocast.

Medical destruction: It’s not just a conspiracy theory. Jon Rappoport.

Jon accurately describes the damage, trauma and the emotional holocaust caused by these deaths from correctly prescribed drugs.

As the people responsible do their best to hide the knowledge and prosecute all those who provide aid and comfort with simple, inexpensive proven natural cures.

Despicable but very effective in bringing a whole nation to its knees.

Medical destruction: It’s not just a conspiracy theory

The most important lesson from 83,000 brain scans.

The Oligarchy’s Plans For Our Future Just Keep Getting Dumber. Caitlin Johnstone. David Icke.

Pity billions do not guarantee wisdom – in fact in most cases just the opposite.

We have been so conditioned by stories of colonizing other planets that we really havn’t thought it through at all.  Could we really survive without this planet and all she provides?

Caitlin concludes the real journey is inward and not flying off into space.

And her final experiment we can all partake in is to get in touch with the earth and whisper our apologies and ask for forgiveness and give her all our love.

Then watch this space!!

Stop The Arms Fair. War on Want.

These are the details for the week of demonstrations against the arms fair in September.

If you are in London and able to attend the whole event has been extremely carefully planned.

We need as much attention brought to this immoral and disgraceful trade – especially the Israeli arms industry ‘battle proven’ against the Palestinians.

Men, women and children with their homes and lives being used as guinea pigs for this despicable and immoral trade.

Time to stop the slaughter.

Accessibility Information for the Week of Action 2-8 Sept 2019

Regime Change Propaganda: National Geographic’s ‘Documentary’ on Syria. 21st Century Wire.

Complete inversion of the truth.

Hopefully, there will be a lawyer who takes on this case and takes the National Geographic to court.

Regime Change Propaganda: National Geographic’s ‘Documentary’ on Syria

Nakba 2 is Here. Gilad Atzmon. David Icke.

Gilad demonstrates how the Israeli governments ‘encouragement’ for Gazans to leave is actually a war crime and ethnic cleansing.

The fact that the UN declared Gaza uninhabitable by 2020 might be a factor as well.

However, a certain amount of unraveling of evidence of other crimes might also be coming down the pipeline.

Interesting times…