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The West is Spinning the “Cultural Genocide” of Macedonians. Global Research.

Another story under the radar of the msm.

Similarities with Palestine/Israel.

Change the names, grab the land and then change the history books especially the school curricula.

Do your own research into the background.

Question everything…

The West Is Spinning the “Cultural Genocide” of Macedonians

What to Do NOW to Prep for a Winter Power Outage. Natural Blaze.

Winter is just around the corner.

Here are some very simple tips to help you survive when the power goes down.

Highly recommended.

What To Do NOW To Prep For A Winter Power Outage

Researchers Find a Single Bout of Exercise Boosts Cognition and Memory. Natural Blaze.

This is an exciting study for those who are aging.

That a single boost of exercise helps physical stamina but also feel good hormones and cognitive functions.

This study was carried out by the University of Iowa.

Now they are to look at a larger pool of people and extend the study over 5 years.


I do think walking should have been the chosen exercise – free, available to everyone, wheelchair bound as well and needing no special equipment but as this study was conducted in America there may not be the same good walking facilities as in the UK.

Researchers Find a Single Bout of Exercise Boosts Cognition and Memory

After Covering the Paris Notre Dame Fire Non-Stop, Media Silent as Amazon Burns. Global Research.

The Amazon has been going up in flames for over 3 weeks now.

Compare this with a building that can be replaced and the millions pledged for it with the silence of the media and Brazilian government in this planetary emergency – a bit like Fukishima.

Because of the vested interests…

At last public pressure is slowly changing this.

Abby Martin on the Upcoming #NoWar2019 Events

Ellen Thomas in Hiroshima on August 6, 2019. World Beyond War.

Overstock CEO resigns after disclosing romance with Russian agent.

The Royals: can you see what they are yet? David Icke.

Not just the British (German) royal family but all of them.

And the elite and the bankers, and the politicians and so many, many more.

But the bubble is bursting…

Transgender activist Lily Madigan clashes with Julia Hartley-Brewer.

YOUR Children. YOUR Choice.