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Gaza: We Simply Want to Live. Common Dreams.

The tragedy of simple daily lives lived against the backdrop of collective punishment and deteriorating environment and intermittent bombing.

That these people are surviving at all but even find joy is incredible.

A testament to the amazing spirit of these people.

Please watch and share the film and ask yourself – what if this was my home?

What if this was where my children were being brought up?

And then go out and change it.

The Alex Salmond Fit-Up. Craig Murray.

Unlawful?  Wasting public money?

Sounds like the Assange case to me where you have whole governments colluding.

Sadly, we are in the post truth and post human rights area.

Certainly, definitely post justice.

The Alex Salmond Fit-Up

Palestinian Harvard freshman barred from entering US over Facebook posts his FRIENDS made. David Icke.

Really very sad.

Obviously a very talented and bright lad being given the chance of a new life ruined by posts critical of the US his friends had made.

He hadn’t liked or commented on them – incredible.

HPV Vaccine HORROR STORY – Utah Boy Nearly Dies.

Jeffrey Zwi Epstein Migdal. David Icke.

This shocking child trafficking and prostitution ring became extremely powerful in Argentina at the beginning of the 20th century.

Quite extraordinary parallels with Epstein, except that Zwi Migdal recruited young Jewish girls and women.


Silicon Valley is Building a Chinese – Style Social Credit System. Waking Times.

The twin faces mirroring each other.

Yet most people would be shocked if they actually realized the power these corporations are seizing.

With absolutely no way of reversing these decisions.

Silicon Valley is Building a Chinese-Style Social Credit System

The Humans Are Waking Up. Caitlin Johnstone. Waking Times.

Again Caitlin manages to pin down something that is so important and, as she says, coming unexpectedly out of left field.

Humans are more interconnected within the field of consciousness, as quantum physics demonstrates and putting it out there will affect the field of many others.

The huge numbers of people taking part in meditation online, healing and supporting others is enormous and growing.

As David Icke says, the fall of the cabal will be almost magical.

Just being positive helps the vibes.

Seeing the world healed even more effective.

The Humans Are Waking Up

Julian Assange: Deprivation of Justice and Double Standards in Belmarsh Prison. Nina Cross. 21st Century Wire.

An extremely thoughtful article contrasting the injustice being meted out to Assange – in a high security prison for 50 weeks for skipping a bail charge – and that of Tommy Robinson, high profile prisoner being accorded every possible facility and even daily visits by the governor.

Shocking lawless treatment of Assange to disempower him before extradition.

We must not allow this story to disappear quietly.

Please share and raise awareness of his plight.

Julian Assange: Deprivation of Justice and Double Standards in Belmarsh Prison

Israel’s Infamous USS Liberty Attack. David Icke.

Quite extraordinary that this attack was carried out and even the life rafts were fired on by the Israeli planes.

Even more extraordinary is the way the survivors were treated and how they have been threatened and silenced ever since.

However, the brave veterans are risking their freedom by speaking out whenever and wherever they can.

And one day those responsible will be held accountable.

How to Waken From the Matrix Using Self – Enquiry. Caitlin Johnstone. Waking Times.

Five clear steps to finding your truth and your field of consciousness.

This may work for you or even sharpen your awareness.

From this gifted and talented writer who is changing the way we perceive the world.

How To Awaken From The Matrix Using Self-Enquiry