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Tucker Carlson Rats Overrunning The California City Brings the Bubonic Plague Back.

Max Igan – Finding the Light in a World of Darkness.

From 9/11 To Iran The Long Planned War On Humanity. David Icke Dot-Connector Videocast.

Case Study Reveals How Cognitive Decline Can Be Reversed. Dr. Mercola.

There is no drug that can do this and have the improvement maintained.

Dr Bredesen has just released a paper of 100 patients who have reversed cognitive decline and he has a book coming out that has patients revealing how they were able to reverse the decline and maintain it.

By looking closely at toxins and removing those plus using heat shock – sauna, cold and repeating this plus a ketogenic diet and intermittent fasting the support is provided for the decline to be reversed.

Highly recommended.

Rosa Koire Agenda 21 Won’t Get Fooled Again Interview.

LEAKED PAPER: EU Online Crackdown Even WORSE Than We Thought. Corbett Report.

Pie on High Speed Rail. MUST WATCH!

Destabilizing Pakistan: The Bookending of Washington’s Dangerous China Policy. 21st Century Wire.

A good analysis of these two countries and why they are the recipients of Washington’s funding of unrest and separitism – all roads read to China and destabilizing the One Belt and Road Project.

Destabilizing Pakistan: The Bookending of Washington’s Shady China Policy

Important Update on Melanie Shaw Beechwood Abuse Survivor. Brian Gerrish. UK Column.

This is such good news.

This will take time but it is very good news that Melanie is finally in good hands and getting the help and support she needs.


Shameless Schiff Now Backing Away From Impeachment | Tucker Carlson Tonight 7/25/19