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Two-child benefit limit pushes families further into poverty – study. David Icke.

Heartless and humiliating for people already experiencing enormous difficulties.

But what is so tragic is that it is the children who suffer so badly through this pernicious policy.

Turn it all round – what a win, win for the government saving £1bn and families self-limiting on number of children and even considering abortions.


Indigenous Traditional Healers Now Working in Medical Clinics. Waking Times.

Very exciting.

This is in South Australia where they have ‘cultural respect’ written into their healthcare system.

Hopefully this will spread.

Cultural respect for herbalists, homeopaths and others!

Another imaginative aspect is offering a whole day of treatments to allopathic medical staff.


Indigenous Traditional Healers Now Working in Medical Clinics

A Brief History of the Federal Reserve. Waking Times.

It may be a brief history but it is clear and lays out the fundamental lie at the basis of the money system and fractional reserve banking that has spread its tentacles throughout the world.

Everyone needs to understand the lie and together we can change this.

A Brief History of the Federal Reserve

You Are Being Groomed. (MUST WATCH!)

You Are Fighting The Most Important Battle Of All Time. Caitlin Johnstone. David Icke.

Real, heart-felt encouragement.

We are here, in this moment doing what is so important because we must.

So much rides on this.

Beautiful post from a courageous and talented writer.


HBO’s “Chernobyl”: A Cautionary Tale About Splitting Atoms, or Another Chapter of Anti-Russia Propaganda?

This was 1986.  33 years later we will all be affected in some way.

Then in 2011 the grim Fukushima disaster that has been swept under the carpet and so badly handled it defies belief.

And how about the 1959 disaster near Los Angeles in the free and open society that didn’t hear about it for 20 years.

The anti-Russian smearing has been far too prevalent and ingrained not to have been influential.

Very interesting article.

Germany vs. Iran – Has Germany Sold Out to the Devil? Global Research.

Some useful background to the Iran/Washington tensions.

How Germany may well be shown to have chosen the wrong side – NATO and Washington.

A great deal of pressure is building against NATO and Iran is turning east to avoid the brutal and punishing sanctions of the US.

The world is now choosing peace, stability and security rather than endless war and destruction.

Germany vs. Iran – Has Germany Sold Out to the Devil?

Every decade for the past 100 years, American scientists have invented new ways to fuel the chronic SICK CARE industry. Natural News.

This article lays out the steps that have taken place every decade since the Flexner Report in 1910 which have resulted in rising chronic diseases and the resulting pills developed to allay the symptoms.

And make trillions.

Aussie broadcaster sues feds over raid triggered by Afghan war crimes report. David Icke.

No sooner were the inditements issued by the US for Assange than journalists the world over were suddenly being prosecuted for reporting the truth.


The US will ask for your extradition if you have embarrassed them.

A very good sign journalists are fighting back.


Man who refused to register son’s birth loses high court case. David Icke.

Very interesting.

Very sad.

Time more people challenged the ship of state…