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Research Confirms Gut Brain Connection in Autism. Waking Times.

The unprecedented rise in autism rates is very tragic and disturbing.

That Andre Wakefield lost his job and livelihood and reputation for even suggesting such a thing illustrates how the truth will out.

The article is aimed at parents planning a birth or having recently given birth but the advice and GAPS protocol should help those on the spectrum of all ages.

Research confirms gut-brain connection in autism

Students Build Vacuum that Sucks up Microplastics from Sand on the Beach. Natural Blaze.


This really gives hope to the world.

Students who have figured this out on a budget of nothing and then gave the machine as a donation.

It really took the ingenuity of students and young people to figure this out.

Strange how all the universities and firms awash with money and grants didn’t crack this decades ago.

Maybe they were all too busy inventing new bombs and wmd’s, perhaps??

How about making the world a better place, like these students?


Students Build Vacuum That Sucks Up Microplastics From Sand on the Beach

Inlakesh: Why the US Cannot Win a War Against Iran. 21st Century Wire.

Robert presents a video full of commonsense and good reasons why America would be very, very foolish to start yet another war.

Especially against Iran.

And he is correct in saying it is up to us to stop our governments just doing America’s bidding.

Inlakesh: Why the US Cannot Win a War Against Iran

Derrick Broze Educates Houston City Council on 5G and They Actually Listen!

From 9/11 to Shoplifting: Assange in the Context of the European Arrest Warrant. Nina Cross. 21st Century Wire.

The threads woven since measures were put into place in 2001 to catch the terrorists are a nightmare for those small fry caught up in them.

And for Assange, how it became entrapment of the tallest order.

The small widget, the European Arrest Warrant, that can be manipulated to do just what governments and prosecutors want.

From 9/11 to Shoplifting: Assange in the Context of the European Arrest Warrant

Google Chrome is Tracking Your Every Move and Storing it, This is How to Stop It. Waking Times.

You will be shocked.

Check your tracking history with the links provided and then follow the easy steps to delete it and cease it taking place.

Throw away your ‘smart’ phone and use browsers and search engines that do not track you.

Job done.

Google Chrome is Tracking Your Every Move and Storing It, This is How to Stop It

Dogs Can Sniff Out Cancer With 97% Accuracy Study Shows. Waking Times.

This is a most exciting study.

The possibilities of early detection are incredible.

Plus the use of the dogs in detection of compounds present and then treatment based on those.

The next phase in November is also exciting with the dogs being used to detect breast cancer in people’s breath.


No cure for cancer at present? – no, if you don’t look and close down all alternatives like GcMaf which is actually produced by the body but very low in people with cancer.

But we arn’t interested in that…

Dogs Can Sniff Out Cancer With 97 Percent Accuracy, Study Shows

Jared Kushner’s Bahrain Conference Won’t Work. Common Dreams.

So the lessons from history have not been learnt.

A very big reason why the peace deal of the century is no deal at all.

Because it is obvious America has not been an honest broker in the ‘peace’ negotiations.

And they are not trusted.

Nor is their land for sale.

Bank of England and our shadowy ‘private’ money scam. David Icke.

This will blow your mind.

How this nasty little secret was and is being kept secret.

And if privatisation of the NHS gets you hot under the collar…

How Evil Wins: The Hypocritical Double Standards of Political Outrage. John Whitehead. David Icke.

A very timely article as America gears itself up for yet another election cycle.

However, John accurately describes the brutal reality of daily life for so many Americans.

Whoever you vote for, as David Icke says, the government always gets in.

And the sharp decline in freedom of the last 50 years continues ever faster.

Excellent article.

Please share far and wide, particularly among Americans.