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Dumbest Way To Oppose Trump Yet! The Jimmy Dore Show.

The American People Are The True Victims of Our Latest Coup in Venezuela. Mint Press News.

A good, in-depth article examining just how the same strategies of empire are mirrored at home.

And how the American people have far more in common with the Venezuelan people than their own government of rich oligarchs and bloated corporations.

The American People Are the True Victims of Our Latest Coup

Ireland Awakens.

The EU should be calling out Israeli colonialism for its violence and incitement. Middle East Monitor.


This is ridiculous, criticizing and spending money on a study to determine whether or not Palestinian textbooks satisfy the Zionist agenda while the children are being shot, arrested and put in military prisons.

Except the EU is openly a colonial power with its military unification that the British public are totally ignorant about.

The EU should be calling out Israeli colonialism for its violence and incitement

Cat TV: 5G Kill Grid with Dean Henderson, Mark Steele & Les Jamieson.

War is a Racket. Major General Smedley Butler. Global Research.

This insightful speech was written in 1933 on his service throughout the beginning of the 20th century.

The truth, the plain truth that needs to be shouted from the roof tops.

Time this racket was stopped.

For good.

War is a Racket. Major General Smedley Butler

Forty Years of Privatisation Has Left Most Britons Out of Pocket. David Icke.

By at least £5,000 or more at a very conservative estimate.

Quite disgraceful how the British public has lost out – hopefully not forever.

Norway created a Sovereign Wealth Fund – we just squandered the North Sea oil profits.

Add in the losses of 2008 for many people it is far, far more plus the costs of the privatisation of the NHS and what healthcare might cost in the future.

Worth fighting for.

The Brexit Party and Nigel Farage Storm to Victory! (Good analysis of moving forward.)

2 CNN Hosts Unclear What Journalism Is. The Jimmy Dore Show.

ROBERT F. KENNEDY JR Breaks His Silence – and exposes the Vaccine Scandal in the Most Powerful Speech on Vaccines You Will Ever Hear! MUST WATCH!