If you think we’re free, think again

Kudos, Eve. You read the books! You understand the message. Brilliant!

Eve Fisher

Media outlets won’t touch this piece. One major group said there wasn’t enough room to run it … online! Another said it was “too polemic”. I’ll take that thanks very much…

The day Australian freedom died

Ask yourself this simple question. It needs just a yay or nay, with no middle ground. Do you believe in freedom of speech? No shades of grey. You either believe in it. Or you don’t. No picking and choosing about who gets to employ it, and who doesn’t. One in, all in. Unless you’re in China of course, or Russia.

And, so it would seem, Australia.

Freedom of speech is fundamental to … well, our freedom. Funny isn’t it. We take it for granted in these days of over-sharing until we say something inflammatory. Some keyboard warriors give us a lashing and send us to our corner. But we don’t have our tongues cut…

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