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How Long Does Antidepressant Withdrawal Last? Kelly Brogan, MD.

This vitally important question is not likely to be asked by someone seriously depressed.

But it is even more worrying that the doctors and the drug companies are not asking it either.

Information we all need.

Why there’s no way out of Guantanamo… especially if you’re innocent. Reprieve.

Please support the amazing work of Reprieve and ask your elected representatives to help get these men freed.

Utterly inhumane.

Our Man From Boeing: The Pentagon’s Revolving Door Spins Fast. Common Dreams.

This is Patrick Shanahan who has worked for Boeing for 30 years.

And many, many  others as this article succinctly points out.

This is one area that Trump promised to make changes and stop the ever faster revolving door.

Those who voted for him should bring pressure to make sure in the future he does and that Shanahan is not permanently appointed.

The money being spent – and wasted – is mouthwatering.

Just imagine America with these amounts being spent on healthcare, infrastructure, housing and protecting the environment.

Please raise awareness where you can.

Arizona lawmaker: All ingredients, side effects must be disclosed before any vaccine. David Icke.

A very brave man.

However, enormous pressure is building for the informed choice for parents being powerfully propelled by the parents who know.

Do not miss the hugely powerful and very tragic stories of parents whose children were developing normally until given vaccines.


Hugely powerful – these voices need to be heard by those in government and at the CDC.

Please take the time to listen and share.

John C. Bogle: Renaissance Money Manager for the People and More. Ralph Nader. Common Dreams.

What a wise man!

Please watch the two short videos at the end where John explains his wisdom and financial expertise we so badly need.

Brilliant man.


The U.S.Military’s Lost Wars. Common Dreams.

Ah, but the Pentagon and the weapons manufacturers have done very, very nicely indeed.

Thank you, American citizens and they will continue to do so until you wake up.

Defying War and Defining Peace in Afghanistan. Common Dreams.

Excellent article.

Any truly civilized society would pay reparations for the incredible destruction, suffering and deaths of innocent women and children in this failed 17 year war.

A new vision of peace is needed and this needs to include the whole society and community.

The World To Come. Chris Hedges. Common Dreams.

As the American empire dies, the elites will usher in more draconian measures to protect themselves from the masses.

We can all take positive steps now to build our own communities as independent as possible of corporate power.

Mutual aid and not mutual exploitation is the way forward.

Michelle Alexander Opened a Door. Common Dreams.

The hysterical and vicious attacks of those who seek to prevent any criticism of Israel are now being ignored and seen for what they are.

People everywhere and from every walk of life are now seeing the injustice of the brutality of the Palestinians and speaking out against it fearlessly.

Change is imminent.

The Science of Yin Yoga. Waking Times.

This works more on the underlying fascia or connective tissue.

Very useful to balance the more yang yoga which strengthens the muscles.

Interesting development.