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Tylenol Damages the Brains of Children, Research Reveals. Waking Times.

Brilliant article highlighting the connection between acetaminophen taken in pregnancy and ADHD and autism.

Surely, oh surely, anything taken in pregnancy needs to be thoroughly researched and not just given the nod as our NHS in the UK has done.

Please share widely, especially with anyone pregnant.

Kudos to GreenMedInfo who have pulled together the research papers.

The Dangers of Aluminium Adjuvants in Vaccines Discussed with Aluminium Expert Christopher Exley, PhD. David Icke.

Professor Christopher Exley at Keele University in Staffordshire in the UK has studied the toxicity of aluminium for the last 35 years.

He highlights how most of the trials have serious defects and especially the HPV vaccine which uses an aluminium compound as adjuvant which cannot be studied as Merck will not provide samples for testing.

1 in 50 of the girls receiving the vaccine will have an adverse effect ranging from numbing of the arm to death.

This is totally unacceptable.

Neither is there any attempt to see who these individuals will be and how they can not receive the offending aluminium adjuvant.

Highly recommended interview.

How Atlanta is Turning Ex-Cons Into Urban Farmers. Politico Magazine.

Very inspiring.

What’s Really Going Down in Paris? Truth Stream Media.

Why Do Conservationists Love Killing Animals? David Icke.

Good article.

Do your research before you hand over any money.

Most of these charities and organizations are the opposite of what they claim – they are a cover for the rich and elite to kill.

This Church Allows Homeless People to Sleep Overnight, Gives them Blankets. Waking Times.

Fantastic.  Treats them with dignity and respect.

2/3 of the church is given over to allow the homeless to sleep in safety with a roof over their heads.

No forms to fill in, no hassle, just find a pew and sleep, or on the floor if you prefer.

Wouldn’t it be great if there were showers and a laundry room, as some churches have and a big box of free coats, hats, socks, boots and scarves.

How much better if the breakfast club served local food grown in a nearby growing community and there was an outreach worker there solely to offer long term accommodation to those who would like to have a permanent home.

Surely, San Fransisco, that is possible instead of criminalizing the homeless?

Ask your local council!

Dollar Stores Feed More Americans Than Whole Foods. Waking Times.

The setting is America but it is fast becoming a similar scene in the UK.

Find a local growing community and grow your own sprouts on the windowsill throughout the winter as well.

Support your local organic whole food store.

Lobby the government to support local farmers and real food.


If you were Chief of CIA Consciousness Ops

via If you were Chief of CIA Consciousness Ops

Royal Babylon – The Criminal Record of the British Monarchy. MUST WATCH.

Why This Doctor Doesn’t Get Her Flu Shot! Benton Integrative.

Honest, open and very clear, useful information.

Highly recommended.

Please share, especially with your doctor or those insisting health workers need to be vaccinated.